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That's nice to know I guess Yellow watermelon!! Lunch! End of my first three weeks at Stripe. :tada::tada::tada: San Diego next week then back to ATX! Couldn't find old Kindle, opened Amazon Prime Now and 30 minutes later... we live in amazing times.


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Oliver Wong
edu: comp sci @ UT
live: austin
work: mass relevance


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Hoorj 09Sep02

After a long hiatus, during which I came under extreme enlightenment and radical cosmic knowledge, I have finally returned to bestow upon you all the greatest revelation of our time: I hate you.


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Errr…. 08Sep02



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ARGHHHH!!! 07Sep02

That is all.


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Tomorrow 04Sep02

…is 5 minutes away and I should go to bed soon.

But I’d like to note a few things I learned earlier:

  • When items are dropped on the ground, space and time warp to accomplish weird things.
  • Loud beeps mean it’s time for formatting fun again for Van
  • Viraj doesn’t really think white folk are inferior to their Indian counterparts
  • Another little simple move for Rubrik’s fun
  • Makefiles (yawn)
  • VNC is pretty nifty!
  • vi commands can be a pain to remember
  • pico is silly
  • w00 w00 w00

Goodnight and see you all in the morning… or almost all of you. =)


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WHEEEE!! 03Sep02

Time to run downstairs and see if Andrew and Chad are up! =)


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Today 02Sep02

I’m sitting here looking at this Tron 2.0 CD cover thingy that Brook left on my table.

I am also looking at my linux cap, and my orinoco wifi card.

That is all.