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Nerd party in here #hacktrip That's nice to know I guess Yellow watermelon!! Lunch! End of my first three weeks at Stripe. :tada::tada::tada: San Diego next week then back to ATX!


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Oliver Wong
edu: comp sci @ UT
live: austin
work: mass relevance


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Today was really cold but we made our stops.

Stop 11 – Primehouse:
RoadTrip-FullRes-107 (by owiber)

RoadTrip-FullRes-090 (by owiber)

RoadTrip-FullRes-099 (by owiber)

RoadTrip-FullRes-100 (by owiber)

Millennium Park:
RoadTrip-FullRes-110 (by owiber)

RoadTrip-FullRes-114 (by owiber)

RoadTrip-FullRes-116 (by owiber)

RoadTrip-FullRes-124 (by owiber)

RoadTrip-FullRes-125 (by owiber)

Stop 12 – Wiener and Still Champion:
RoadTrip-FullRes-126 (by owiber)

RoadTrip-FullRes-127 (by owiber)

RoadTrip-FullRes-128 (by owiber)

I was obligated to get the country fried bacon, which was a bad decision in hind-sight:
RoadTrip-FullRes-130 (by owiber)

  • Heather

    You should try the Carpaccio at Chic in Dallas!

  • gus

    What was wrong with the country fried bacon???