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Nerd party in here #hacktrip That's nice to know I guess Yellow watermelon!! Lunch! End of my first three weeks at Stripe. :tada::tada::tada: San Diego next week then back to ATX!


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Oliver Wong
edu: comp sci @ UT
live: austin
work: mass relevance


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Let’s see… what happened this weekend? I probably need to be more prompt with these weekend updates or else I forget. Saturday, we played ultimate which was pretty fun. I got new shoes that I think were much better at keeping me from injuring myself, but I felt slower. Not sure if that was due to the shoes or not though. I don’t remember what else happened on Saturday…

On Sunday, we went to the Quarries to watch fireworks at Andrew’s suggestion. I was very pleased since it was so close to my house and we didn’t have to fight a mad rush of people getting in and out. Here are some pics from that:

July 4 2010 003

July 4 2010 005

July 4 2010 006

July 4 2010 011

July 4 2010 013

July 4 2010 015

July 4 2010 017

Melissa grew fangs and so I had to drive a stake into her heart. =(


… she might come back to life next week though.

On Monday, we played video games, cooked meat, and made chili. I forgot to take pictures.