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Road Trip Day 2

Day 2 (and Day 1 as well) in photos:

Oliver’s iPod FTW! RoadTrip-FullRes-001 (by owiber)

Locations bookmarked: RoadTrip-FullRes-002 (by owiber)

More awesomeness: RoadTrip-FullRes-004 (by owiber)

Stop 1 - Shiva: RoadTrip-FullRes-012 (by owiber)

RoadTrip-FullRes-010 (by owiber)

For Viraj: RoadTrip-FullRes-011 (by owiber)

Stop 2: The Best Stop Supermarket RoadTrip-FullRes-013 (by owiber)

Boudin! RoadTrip-FullRes-015 (by owiber)

Got there just in time and just with enough gas: RoadTrip-FullRes-014 (by owiber)

Stop 3 - Nonna Maria Cucina Italiana: RoadTrip-FullRes-016 (by owiber)

RoadTrip-FullRes-019 (by owiber)

Stop 4 - Clark’s Fish Camp: RoadTrip-FullRes-026 (by owiber)

RoadTrip-FullRes-030 (by owiber)

Sleep, then day 3!