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Day 5 Close

Last few days in photos, mostly:

Stop 5 - Rancho Alegre (Cuban food): RoadTrip-FullRes-031 (by owiber)

RoadTrip-FullRes-039 (by owiber)

Our next place was supposed to be a BBQ place called Allen and Son’s, but they were closed (not sure why) so we ended up at…

Stop 6 - The Barbecue Joint: RoadTrip-FullRes-045 (by owiber)

This was the place that had the awesome chowder (smoked scallops + bacon): RoadTrip-FullRes-044 (by owiber)

Gas stop: RoadTrip-FullRes-047 (by owiber)

Tunnel! RoadTrip-FullRes-048 (by owiber)

When we arrived in Newark, we slept in the parking lot for a few hours (before taking a train to NYC): RoadTrip-FullRes-049 (by owiber)

Subway: RoadTrip-FullRes-050 (by owiber)

Stop 7 - Tung Yi Fung (dim sum): When we walked in, we knew it was a good place because everyone there was Chinese. I mean everyone. Mark says a white guy walked in as we were leaving, but he was a serviceman. They spoke Cantonese everywhere, so I just pointed at all the dishes we wanted.

RoadTrip-FullRes-060 (by owiber)

RoadTrip-FullRes-052 (by owiber)

Mark approves. RoadTrip-FullRes-059 (by owiber)

They sat us at a table with two older Chinese women who attempted to talk to me, but I just smiled and shook my head at them saying “sorry, I don’t speak Chinese.” After that, they discussed amongst themselves about how I did/didn’t look Chinese and stared at me a few times. Dim sum meal costed us $25 total for all of us including tax and tip. It was awesome.

Stop 7.5 - Baked: RoadTrip-FullRes-061 (by owiber)

RoadTrip-FullRes-063 (by owiber)

Stop 8: Maze: RoadTrip-FullRes-073 (by owiber)

RoadTrip-FullRes-064 (by owiber)

RoadTrip-FullRes-065 (by owiber)

RoadTrip-FullRes-069 (by owiber)

We slept that night under Penn Station in New Jersey then headed to Cleveland…

Stop 9 - Trattoria on the Hill: RoadTrip-FullRes-074 (by owiber)

Mark had some wedding soup that was amazing: RoadTrip-FullRes-076 (by owiber)

We are now in Chicago (or rather a ‘burb of) at Mark’s sister’s place after…

Stop 10 - Lou Malnati’s: RoadTrip-FullRes-080 (by owiber)

RoadTrip-FullRes-081 (by owiber)

After dinner, we had some frozen yogurt: RoadTrip-FullRes-084 (by owiber)

Oh yeah, and it’s going to be freakin’ cold tomorrow.