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We’re done and back in Austin. Whew.

Stop 13 - Pappy’s Smokehouse: RoadTrip-FullRes-137 (by owiber)

RoadTrip-FullRes-133 (by owiber)

RoadTrip-FullRes-134 (by owiber)

Stop 13.5 - Ted Drewes (for custard): RoadTrip-FullRes-138 (by owiber)

RoadTrip-FullRes-141 (by owiber)

Stop 14 - Interstate Bar-B-Q: RoadTrip-FullRes-147 (by owiber)

RoadTrip-FullRes-143 (by owiber)

Stop 15 - Korea House: RoadTrip-FullRes-155 (by owiber)

RoadTrip-FullRes-148 (by owiber)

Stop 16 - Uchi: RoadTrip-FullRes-156 (by owiber)

RoadTrip-FullRes-160 (by owiber)

RoadTrip-FullRes-168 (by owiber)

Done: RoadTrip-FullRes-173 (by owiber)

The rest of the photos are here.