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Yay my baby! Nerd party in here #hacktrip That's nice to know I guess Yellow watermelon!! Lunch!


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Oliver Wong
edu: comp sci @ UT
live: austin
work: mass relevance


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The week is done! w00t =)

Now… gotta take a shower and turn in CS336 homework, then weekend time! =)

So, I think I’m gonna get a new wireless AP cause the one I have right now is not the bomb… probably will get a “cheap” $80ish d-link one… unless if anyone else has any suggestions or negative comments regarding the d-link…

I think Van got that one though and it’s been working well?

I’ve been surprised by my abilities to wake up on time these past few weeks… I even get up before my alarm clock goes off sometimes! Perhaps it’s the re-aquirement of a regular sleep pattern… =)