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Couldn't find old Kindle, opened Amazon Prime Now and 30 minutes later... we live in amazing times. Few hours until a month in CA and this is current status... I am doge Pretty typical Tasty stuff


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Oliver Wong
edu: comp sci @ UT
live: austin
work: mass relevance


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…party pooper, but I just looked at Assignment 2 in CS307, and it’s quite a bit more difficult than I thought…

In fact, it seems a bit harsh of Mike to give this to you guys as the second assignment. Now, if you were allowed to use other Java classes like ArrayList or some Collection types… I could see this being alright… but as it stands… definately a good few hours at least I’d say.

I started it about 30 minutes ago and reached a point where I got too lazy and stopped, there are quite a few concepts being used and definately a lot of thought required…

So… basically, my point is to get started… ASAP. =)