BTW, I haven’t done much testing with other browsers except for IE5/6 (which is what I use)… if there’s anything messed up on the other browsers, please let me know. =)



Well, we have some fun at college every once in a while… =) Here’s Chad doing a lovely pose:

Pretty Chad!

And… here’s Chad trying to be like Dorithy from Wizard Of Oz (sshhh… don’t tell him he’s got it backwards… he’s very proud of what he does - you’ll hurt his feelings)…

Tap Tap Tap!

More to come! =)


Even Still...

Though Chad still continues to hate all entities that post on this website (excluding Wes, he rocks). As a manifestation of anger, i will not allow any comments to a post set forth by me. Recent data has indicated that i might implode, but this data was inconclusive and found to be an isolated incident. Further sampling has found that the only results of no commenting is incessant posting on the web page, carrying one underlying motif: hatred. Hatred does make the world turn. The common consensus states that, as evil as war is, it spurns the movement of life. Absence of war would indicate, in turn, the absence of flaws in humanity. So i shall forgive the failure of insolent whelps such as yourselves have in commenting, whereas it simply exemplifies the warlike nature of your flawed minds, and also your desire to bomb every country in the world, cause that’s where terrorists live.

Make sure and have your volume turned up…



This is for Chad. But I’m sure the rest of you will find it not only true(in the strictly not true sense), but also amusing. If you don’t find it to be in either of those categories, then the boogie man is gonna come for you.


About Chad...

If you pay careful attention to this site, you will notice that the post directly below this one, as well as a few others on this page, came from Chad… trying to show off his webpage… You have to look carefully, because I do believe the addition of his name sort of camoflauges any post, but it is there. When you find it, I have a request… do not, under any circumstances, post a comment, as this will surely make him sad. Chad enjoys his posts having no comments, and if that were ever to change, Chad would surely explode (or implode, research data still out) So remember, no commenting… he hates us, we should ignore him =)


Transcript of Nancy Talk

Matt is typing, Oliver is looking at me, Viraj said ‘What the hell’ Andrew is typing, Chad gots my nose, and Viraj’s nose. So if you’re looking for my nose, or Viraj’s nose. (She laughs) please look for Chad, at, you can contact him at, 55342 (495-5343) or we live in a whole new world, 5397 Olivers 18. Which habit? I’ll 18 you. Spiderman says I love you, you see, he says it. Do you see? Makes spiderman sign Matt met Chad at the beach. Eco sucks (I AGREE) Cal sucks, California sucks, yea a long time ago. Business sucks. FIG’s suck (I AGREEE) What? Figs dont suck, no they do, how do you know? Oh, ok. Olivers a moron. That’s why I’m not going to his birthday party for the third time in a row.

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