Nibbler Lives


This is Nibbler, currently a LAMP box (plus a CVS server) and residing at on the most awesome of LANs (ours ;).

Woowooooo! May the hobby code development begin!

On a related note, I reinstalled Bunkey on Nibbler and it works suprisingly well… though I’m not sure how some of the stuff gets updated, haha. Probably the only person who even knows what Bunkey is is Andrew, so if this doesn’t make any sense, ignore it. =P


Some pics from… whenever we all ditched Kathy and went to IHOP. We should do it again sometime, was fun. =) Male bonding ftw, lol.



In that pic above, you can see indians behind Nathan. They made us laugh and Viraj shook his head and muttered “indians…”


Olivia gave me a ducky… and I took a picture of it with my new flash (Sigma EF-500 DG SUPER!!!). Yeah, I felt like the “super” required the exclamation points…


Ducky, mouse, and Kirby:



Justice League Unlimited

… is good. Man, that last story arc at the end was awesome. Thanks Nathan!

And now I must sleep and hope to not entirely screw up my sleeping schedule (yeah, right).


Haha! Very funny, Dr. Jones, very funny!

Sister Sister!

“How about that two way twister…”

So the family (including myself) went to help Olivia move into her apartment. I will point out that a certain bum kid boyfriend did not show up!* >=| lol… Anyways, I’ll post pics sometime later when I have access to my own computer. She’s got a pretty nice place over in the Far West area.

If the images below are broken… it might be because your ISP’s DNS hasn’t updated OliverWEB yet (and you’re accessing OliverWEB directly through its IP…)… essentially, it should be working in a day or so.

While I was listening to the Lion King soundtrack, I realized that a lot of songs meant for kids (at least the good old Disney ones) are actually pretty intelligent and very clever. Much more so than a lot of the crap played on the radio meant for “adults” (especially that pop stuff ;). I wonder how much kids actually pick up, but it’s pretty neat anyhow.

So prepare for the coup of the century
Be prepared for the murkiest scam
Meticulous planning
Tenacity spanning
Decades of denial
Is simply why I’ll
Be king undisputed
Respected, saluted
And seen for the wonder I am
Yes, my teeth and ambitions are bared
Be prepared!

*Edit: k, he had a decent excuse, I’m just teasing. =)

More Pool

Tonight, Van and I went to play pool with Kathyface. She was better than I thought she’d be! =)






Then, we played some foosball and I dominated both Kathy and Van playing at the same time even with Van’s guerilla tactics. =)


I even met a girl who modeled for me!


Kathy’s a pig.


My camera named this one IMG_0666… I think it’s telling me something.



HAHA! Very funny, Dr.Jones! Very funny!


Tonight, Julie raided our apartment without Nancy. It was pretty weird. She left this:



lol… well probably not anymore…

Also, Van gets angry when he plays pool:


And tries to control things with the force: