Holiday Movies

Catching Fire - pretty good. I enjoyed the second book the most, so I was happy they were pretty true to it.

Hobbit 2 - apparent money grab and not a whole lot happens since there’s no Helm’s Deep equivalent, but I’ll forgive all parties involved if the third one makes the build up worth it.

American Hustle - enjoyable. Great performances by a great cast. Heist was a bit underwhelming, but maybe I shouldn’t have expected better.

Frozen - I liked a lot and it made me all mushy inside. One glaring flaw is the absence of a “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” Elsa reprise at an incredibly obvious point in the movie (you’ll know if you saw it). That said, had they pulled that off, I would have likely been a sniffling mess walking out of the theater, so there’s that. =) I’m disappointed they missed such a perfect opportunity to reprise the most powerful song in the movie (IMO), but despite that, it’s still a pretty high caliber Disney. Recommended!