Melissa took me to Houston this weekend to meet her parents. I passed out on the way there, but was briefly woken up to purchase something with cream cheese in it… it was tasty but then I fell asleep again.

I had been warned that the Lau household contained two crazy shih tzus and to stay away from the angry male one. So far I have been able to avoid a direct confrontation with that one who seems bent on my destruction from the way he barks. Supposedly the pair of dogs is quite infamous and there are a number of people that I have met that now stay out of the house because of them, haha.

Other than that, I have basically just been eating a lot of food and it is very good. We shall be heading back to Austin later tonight. Tata!


I don’t think a lot happened this past weekend. Friday we went to eat at G’Raj Mahal which was not bad. I don’t really remember what happened after that. =p

Saturday, we played ultimate and it was pretty hot with not very many clouds. Viraj managed to drag Chad along and he dominated Viraj who “broke a nail.” Ochs look a fall on the gravel and made his leg really ugly. Andrew was really slow from his Mark-inflicted injury from last week. That said, it was still a fun time. =) After that, we went to Jamba Juice and Sunflower.

We also went to see Inception which was enjoyable. That’s about all I’ll say. You should see it if you haven’t already.

Sunday was Vox and we also played a crazy tower defense map in WC3. Have yet to beat it. =(

Predators and stuff

We started last weekend by getting an early start on our ICC raid in WoW. We made it to Putricide, failed a few times and stopped. On Monday, we one shotted that punk though (then successfully did Blood Prince Council and Valithria). Woo!

Saturday, we ultimated it up and spent an hour talking about zombies at Sonic. I got bored later that night and watched the tail end of Scary Movie (not a bright idea…).

Sunday was Vox, World Cup and Predators (acceptably entertaining). After eating some food at the Drafthouse, I was still hungry, so I yanked a bunch of people to Jim’s and ate more. Then I was really full.

Oh, and Sam Ni is influential in many forms of art.

Independence Day

Let’s see… what happened this weekend? I probably need to be more prompt with these weekend updates or else I forget. Saturday, we played ultimate which was pretty fun. I got new shoes that I think were much better at keeping me from injuring myself, but I felt slower. Not sure if that was due to the shoes or not though. I don’t remember what else happened on Saturday…

On Sunday, we went to the Quarries to watch fireworks at Andrew’s suggestion. I was very pleased since it was so close to my house and we didn’t have to fight a mad rush of people getting in and out. Here are some pics from that:

July 4 2010 003

July 4 2010 005

July 4 2010 006

July 4 2010 011

July 4 2010 013

July 4 2010 015

July 4 2010 017

Melissa grew fangs and so I had to drive a stake into her heart. =(


… she might come back to life next week though.

On Monday, we played video games, cooked meat, and made chili. I forgot to take pictures.