Today, I used 8000 American Express Membership Reward points and bought the following CD’s for free:

  • Transformers Soundtrack
  • Newsboys - Shine
  • All Star United
Yay! I’m glad I was able to use those points for something of worth. =)

I always thought that Queen did the music for Transformers… but it doesn’t look like they did…



I’m thinking of renaming my car…


Haha… “As if and only if”… ;) What do you think of that, Andrew?



So, I was going to spam one of Nancy’s Xanga posts more, but then I realized that I have a website! Heh… so, I am throwing this up instead of adding a lot more comments elsewhere… although I may still do that if I’m bored. =)

For some reason, I feel very sleepy today… I got at least 7 hours of sleep and accidently woke up late (which resulted in me just jumping out of bed, throwing my hat on, and rushing to work =)… so I’m not sure why I feel so tired. I think I’m going to go home for lunch and take a shower, I feel nasty.

I would like to reaffirm that my car’s name is still Asif, despite many negative reactions from Ms.K, her sister, and Co.. Also, someone remind me to show Andrew the astronaut picture thing… although, I think I might have lost it again. Nah, it’s probably on my desk somewhere… I hope.

Which reminds me, Andrew, you’re going down. =)



Bah, it’s been a while again. I am not having much time to do stuff with poor OWeb. sigh Maybe someday.

Might get new car tomorrow… we’ll see. If so, I will be romping around town. ;) Anyone wanna buy the Crown Vic for cheap, we wanna get rid of it… might trade it in for virtually nothing just to get it off our hands.

Someone remind me to give Chad his Florida gift… I still have that.

Florida… that reminds me of something… but I can’t pin-point it… I think it starts with ph and ends with otos… =)



Man, I’ve been busy! I’d just like to point out that Nancy is evil. Liquid-Missions, work, Physics, and other misc. stuff have been keeping me quite busy. SMS messaging Tim who is all the way in India is pretty cool, I think I may change my phone plan to allow for more of those (and perhaps MMS’s too)!

My new laptop is sweeeeet! =) Like in my aim profile at the moment, here are a few ‘specs’: Knoppix installed Debian on VMWare 4 Workstation on Dell Latitude D400 (P-M 1.7GHz, 512MB, 40GB 5400RPM) running Fluxbox.