Time for my more links!

Well, been keeping up to date with the news in our world at work and game up with these.

Los Angeles, CA - Teen pop sensation Britney Spears whose hits “Oops I Did It Again” and “Baby, One More Time” is recovering today in a Los Angeles hospital after her breasts exploded while filming her latest video. Three other people were treated for minor injuries.

Hmmm… yeah… read the rest.
It also seems like that Microsoft trial has made an unexpected turn…
Redmond, WA - Microsoft today filed papers in Federal District Court alleging that the United States Government is a monopoly. The papers allege that the current government has stifled competition, and has prevented innovation in government, by using its monopoly power to pass laws prohibiting the formation of another Federal government.

Uh… that was very surprising, eh? Make sure you get the rest of the scoop, and while you’re at it check out my source’s copyright info.


Chad... and... "Grace"

Lol, well Chad thought that “Angeluv16” was Grace and IMed “her”…

AnGeLuV16: btw?
Nosliwc156: “by the way”
Nosliwc156: =)
AnGeLuV16: hehee..u kno me.. haven’t been on this online in ages
Nosliwc156: huh?
Nosliwc156: i didn’t quite catch that, but it’s cool
AnGeLuV16: i meant…that i don’t come online often so i don’t know the aol “slang”
AnGeLuV16: like.. asl? (age.sex.loc)
AnGeLuV16: mayn.. i dunno how to use this scanner.. so i’ll just send u this pic..
Nosliwc156: oh, me neither, i thought i just kinda made it up and assumed people would know what it meant
Nosliwc156: ok
AnGeLuV16: oh hehee..sorry
Nosliwc156: but i’m an idiot, so hey
Nosliwc156: =)
AnGeLuV16: what was i gonna say.. so how’s the girlz?
Nosliwc156: hmmm…….
Nosliwc156: i dunno
AnGeLuV16: wut u mean?
Nosliwc156: which girls
Nosliwc156: ?
AnGeLuV16: girls to date?
Nosliwc156: uh, i’m in ft. worth, haven’t met anyone, cause i’ know no body here
AnGeLuV16: huh? who’s this?
Nosliwc156: oh man, i thought that this was someone else totally
AnGeLuV16: i thought you were someone else too!

Awesome Chad. =)


Friends 2000

I believe I have everyone on there that should be on there… I hope I didn’t forget anyone, that would stink. =) Now all I need are pics, so make sure you get them to me, or I’ll have to use your yearbook pic(s) =) (Yeah, that was a threat. =). Although, Minix could care less, I’ve already got the worst pics of him…. lol. Grace though… wouldn’t like her 10th grade yearbook pic up, Nancy either… hehe…

Friends 2000!