SF.net Project

I’m itching to work on a little software project I can place on Sourceforge but I can’t think of anything to do. =/

I took back some big prints of pics we had at Liquid and currently Sam getting owned by a snowball is hanging on the wall above my computer. Wheeee.

Apparently, I also still need a gf. A fact I am reminded of daily by certain people. Hehe. =)

Back on the Net!

Just got back to my house from CA. w00t.

Uploading some pics now… will upload more later (including the massive chunk I have from Yosemite). Some things to talk about…

In-N-Out: Apparently this burger joint got popular over on the west after we left CA. I have no idea why. They freakin’ don’t have any bacon or mayo. K, fine… I can see not having mayo. But man… BACON?! That’s blasphemous for a burger place not to have. In glorious defense of my beloved bacon, I boycotted In-N-Out, went to Jack In The Box and got a tasty BACON BACON cheeseburger. Yeah.

I saw Robin Williams in the streets of SF. Failed to take a picture of him though… but he eyed me the two times I walked by him (I think he may have been afraid I was paparazzi).

Postcards have been sent… but I definitely beat them back home… so you’ll get them eventually (those who gave me their addresses).

Ummmmmmm… maybe more later…

CA Day 1

Uploaded some pics… none of which are touched up… and some better than others but oh well. =)

I’m leeching off some “NETGEAR” wireless here at the hotel… it seems a bit flakey. If OWeb gets hijacked, you know what happened. lol