I hate UnrealEd. Anyways, I worked on my level for my Game Development class a bit. I’ll post a screenshot in a bit maybe. Van also cleaned like crazy today, and um… I helped a little. lol =)

Update: Screenshot uploaded. We’re using a default Unreal dude right now, but he will be replaced!

Police Chase!

Tonight, at about 4AM, a police helicopter started circling our apartment with spotlights blazing. Here’s a shot of the cop parked outside our rooms, Van probably has some more shots, and Sam has a little blog about the event as well. Heh… we’re in an awesome area. =)

On another note, I just downloaded Picasa, the picture album program Google bought and made free (yay!). I like it lots better than iPhoto and it makes me happy. =D

Lab Hours

So Brook and I were up until 5AM or so just talking about all kinds of things like Liquid, relationships, etc. etc. Then Chad popped in and we eventually drifted into politics… Mark later joined the fun and I ended up not sleeping until probably around 7AM. Three hours of sleep, baby! ZZzzzzz…

My mom and Olivia dropped by this morning to deliver Round Rock donuts. Hotness.

Fanny Pack Sighting

No other TA inspires such respect as the infamous EE316 Fanny Pack TA (FPTA, not to be confused with FPGA). I have been given the generous opportunity to capture FPTA in all his fanny pack and humongous headphones glory… oh… the hotness…

In Linguistics

I’m in linguistics… I think I need more sleep (even though I got like seven hours of sleep last night). I’m feeling the stress of many aeons upon my shoulders! Hehe, I actually just wanted to use the word “aeons”… it looks cool. Aye, tonight I gotta do a lot of web stuff, grade a bunch of assignments then… hmmm… then I guess I can rest. Might try to hit bed a little sooner tonight.

Man, WarCraft3 DOTA games are hot though. Some highlights from last night:

  • Van (with invisibility) and my wind walking crazy ranged guy sneaking up behind Sam and Paul and swiftly taking them out.
  • Sam yelling out “I’m leaving the demon edge by the acolyte.”
  • My hearing Sam’s previous comment and wind walking to the location and “stealing” the demon edge. =)
Oh the hotness… I think we’re addicted. Oh yeah, enjoy the random rodent pic.


I am lacking sleep. I’m tired, but I need to do my homework that might have been due last class period even though the professor didn’t tell us. Mark, Paul, and I took Chad to the emergency room last night at around 4AM because of his chest pains. After being in the examination area for a while, a doctor came out and… blablablabla… so I went with the doctor guy and eventually he said to me “I… just don’t know if he’s going to make it.” I just started laughing… =) I don’t feel like typing anything else, so you’ll have to live with this really messed up version of the “story.” Oh yeah, and Chad’s ok… just minus $100.


Who wants to CLEP out? I’ve signed up for:

Tue 11/30/04     10:30 AM - 1:00 P     BWY 104B
at the testing center. BTW, anyone taken the CLEP already? I want to know how much I should study beforehand… I think someone told me there’s a packet somewhere that we can read and it pretty much tells us everything we need to know?

iPhoto is the Suck

I hate iPhoto. Slow monstrous beast that screws up any sort of organization I would like to have with my photos. Ugh. iChat stinks too. Apple needs to improve those two a lot (I hear Mail too, but I don’t use it, so I don’t know). I don’t even know why I still have my PowerBook. ;)

As for the picture, I liked it… so here it is, Wagner and whatever the business school is called. Bums. ;P

Cameras! Swarm Swarm Swarm!

So at Liquid today, Van and I both brought our cameras. Now there are quite a few camera-wielding people there with prosumer level equipment, it’s the hotness. Getting into photography is a lot cooler than I expected… I notice things around the world more than I normally would, and sometimes the shots you take surprise yourself. Having it strapped to my back with the massive lense is pretty cool too, I feel like I have a weapon I can yank out and DESTROY with. BWAHAHAHAAAA… erhm… ok, I’m done.