New Layout

Well, I’ve finished updating to the new layout… hope everyone’s fine with it. =) I will have a page that “shows off” the old layout as well for memory’s sake. =)

It’s almost 1AM now so I think I’ll go to bed and fix anything that’s wrong later. =)

I would also like to bring to attention to two prior posts before this one. Make sure you check them out. =)


Smart stuff

Was shared this piece of “information” today:

aIl4Him16: what if france were in the cntinental united states?
Magestry03: lol
Magestry03: like
Magestry03: the whole city, as it is now?

Yeah…riiiight…. =)


Wes's Poetry Corner

I sit alone, staring foreward
The bean dip has gone away
A resounding snore comes from behind me
Like Z’s gone astray
The people, they all laugh at me
“You are crazy,” they proclaim
“Nay, good sirs,” I say to them
I am merely lame
So I close tonight with a final lesson
One concerning my favourite theme
Clean your rooms, don’t be messin’
Cause one day the Grinch will come for YOU!!!



Well, it’s just one more day ‘till Christmas, and I cannot wait! I may be getting a DVD player…eeeeeeeeeeee(elation of joy). Well, here’s wishing you all a good Christmas…but let’s not forget the real reason we celebrate Christmas(and if it’s not, well…it should be…), and that is the birth of Christ! Heck, without Him, we’d be hopeless…



Uploaded four new picture pages to the Pics! section. They start here. I believe most if not all are from December… but I have it under November/December just in case. =) Enjoy. =)


Smart Stuff

This is a quote from Wes. i would put it on the quote page, but i think it is too good of a quote. here it is.

Avert your eyes towards the direction that is precisely the opposite of down…..therein lies the answer.


Look at me!! I'm back, and BAD as ever!!!!

On the day I was born….
The nurses all gathered ‘round
To gaze with wild wonder
At the joy they had found
Head nurse spoke up….
She said, “leave this one alone…”
She could tell, by the way….
That I was bad to the bone
Bad to the bone
b-b-b-b-b-uh bad
b-b-b-b-b-buh bad….
Well anyway….I finally got back online…The torture is over, and it all will soon end on a happy note….WE MAY BE GETTING DSL!!! WAHOOOO!!!!!!