The Last Day

As I mentioned before, since retiring, one of my goals is to try vlogging and see how goes. I don’t really care for it becoming popular, but I do want it to be targetting somewhat of a general audience as a creative constraint. I’m somewhat of a digital packrat and if nothing else, vlogs are nice to look back in years in the future.

I’ve made a ton of videos on my personal channel over the years, but definitely very amateur. I don’t have any formal training in editing or shooting, so I’m mostly just winging it. With my recent vlog series, I’m trying to up my game a bit and learning along the way. I’ve been keeping mental notes of each video, but I figured it might be nice to just have an accompanying blog post to each vlog I release… kind of like some director commentary. =)

My first vlog was one I made on the day I turned in my laptop and badge to Stripe:

Some notes/observations:

  • Talking to the camera in public by yourself is weird!
  • I generally like the colors in this video
  • First time really doing voice-overs… I think I did ok?
  • I could probably get better at hand-holding my camera… a bit more jittering than I’d like. I have a gimbal but it’s such a PITA… maybe I’ll force myself to use it in future videos
  • In contrast to my predominantly Taylor Swift soundtrack from my personal channel, I started to use Epidemic Sound, just for the off-chance I do eventually end up monetizing the channel. I burned a ton of time searching for music. Content with the results for now.
  • Feel like I did alright with the edits/transitions
  • I could maybe smile more haha
  • Viraj had called me right before I headed to the Queen Anne library to congratulate me on retirement so I think that helped me appear a little more relaxed there
  • I like the Hot Tips?
  • Wish my camera had focused on “Dry Humping” a little bit faster