Terrible Movies and Terrible Music

My sisters love it when I expose them to terrible entertainment.


When I made Oriana watch High School Musical with me:

High School Musical with @oreoreoeoo !!!!

Then, she was super happy when we moved on to Taylor Swift: Journey to Fearless:
Now we're watching Taylor Swift: Journey to Fearless. @oreoreoeoo is exploding with happiness

The above shenanigans have humorously led to the following:
2013-02-27 06.05.50 pm

And… here’s some random photo dumping…

On Valentine’s, Oriana and I went to Amy’s with the pups:
Ice cream with Oriana and puppies

Mozilla’s support was not enough for the 49ers to win:
Found this old shirt. It's too big for me, so Mozilla gets to represent


Happy post-Valentine’s Day, yos! All you single people complaining, just shut your yappers and do something productive. ;)

Hopefully this isn’t the only post I end up making this month, but I’m finding it hard to come up with topics I can talk about here.

I ended up buying some MJNA stock a little while back and it’s been doing well. I didn’t really buy enough to make any significant dent one way or the other, but it’s fun to say I’ve made money buying/sell marijuana. =p

Beautiful Creatures came out recently and Oriana has been driving me crazy just begging me to take her. Something about a yearning in her loins or something. So weird. Yesterday, I caught her combing her hair looking at yourself in the mirror whispering “you’re a beautiful creature.” I may have to give in and take her or I may find myself asleep forever.*

My Volt has been pretty satisfactory so far. The air dam at the front of the car is super low to the ground and it scrapes every so often whenever I go through various inclines. Supposedly it’s built to withstand that type of thing and it’s expected, but it’s mildy annoying. The central panel controls are also annoying, most of them not being actual buttons. That said, I have yet to visit a gas station after going over 1200 miles (I still have about half a tank left). It’s not really fair, but looking at gas alone, I’ve probably done something like 280MPG. ;) I did end up doing the calculation for how much fully charging the car costs, and during this time of the year it’s about $0.65, which gets me about 37 miles. So if I do the miles per dollar calculation, it’s probably something in the ballpark of 36 miles per $1. FYI, during the summer, I expect a full charge to be about $1. Honestly, I’m not sure if it makes sense to buy the Volt purely based on the travel cost savings, but it’s a fun metric to look at.

*-This is basically all a lie.

Cheap shot

So here I was minding my own business casually throwing a frisbee around for ultimate warm up, when Sam goes ballistic and charges me yelling “I’M GOING TO SMASH YOU BECAUSE YOU’RE BETTER THAN ME!” Luckily, he is slow and I managed to avoid him, but unfortunate for me, a rock or something on the ground was too slow and did not avoid me at all. I stepped on it in a rather poor fashion causing me to roll on my right foot. So now I have a sprained ankle. =( Thanks a lot, Sam… and you too, rock.

There shall be retribution.

Shirtless WoWing

So yesterday we were all minding our own business playing WoW when Sam, who is sitting next to Brook, suddenly exclaims “wow, Brook, have you been working out? It looks like you’ve got a hot bod under that shirt.” Brook blankly stares back at Sam as he goes on “…what would I need to do get you to take it off?” Brook was pretty flabbergasted, but eventually gives in to Sam’s wily ways under the condition that Sam also go shirtless.

Sam happily agrees and I managed to capture the moment with my handy camera. I guess Sam just really wanted some man eye-candy next to him as he tanked ToC. Whatever gives you motivation, I guess, Sammy.