I slept in pretty late today because I was afraid I was coming down with something (I don’t think I am anymore). After I woke up, I browsed around a bit and started to look at maps to figure out where I wanted to go. My battery died soon after that, so I went to plug in to the US->UK power adapter Tiff had, but discovered that it didn’t allow me to plug in my MBP power adapter since it didn’t have a hole for the grounding prong.

So I put on my jacket and venture out into London for the first time without Tiff (not counting my trip to the office from the airport) in search of either an Apple store or some store I could find a generic power adapter that allows for a grounding prong.

Well, after a while of wandering aimlessly I manage to find a store that has one and buy it. I then spend another hour or so trying to find my way back to Tiff’s place because I made note of very poor landmarks. The one that managed to get my back successfully was some upper class lingerie shop…

I hop on the sub, get some food, and arrive at my one major goal for the day (not my photo):

Ahhh… yessss… all is good.


In London, restrooms/bathrooms are called toilets so you ask “where is the toilet?”

Also, elevators are called lifts. I know this because there is a little screen in front of them that has little flags for you to press to change languages. There’s a British flag and an American one and the only difference is “Lift” becomes “Elevator.”

And… it gets dark pretty early… like 5PM.

I bought a toothbrush for Oriana because she just learned how to brush her own teeth and will be so happy to have a new one to use. She can’t read yet, so don’t tell her and spoil the surprise!