Part 1: Phoenix

I went to Phoenix and Las Vegas with old friends to celebrate retirement.

Vlog notes/observations:

  • I originally intended on combining the whole trip into one video, but my friend Wendy suggested I split it, so I ended up doing that
  • Learning more about videos and general practices there, I’m not used to caring about shutter speed much, but I started to use variable ND filters to darken the image so I could use the desirable shutter speed/aperture/ISO for video even when it’s really bright out. In the plane shot here, I could really tell the downside of the VND as there’s some funky colorization going on.
  • I liked the intros I did in this video
  • Final Cut’s stabilization worked really well on the plane landing shot (while Sam is talking about lounges)
  • I don’t know why I didn’t brighten up Jen’s intro… it’s so dark!
  • Trying to find the balance between how I naturally talk and enunciating well and not slurring… I think I did okay, but some parts sound awkward to me!
  • I started to use different pieces of music and tinkering more with audio transitions… I liked the lead into Bacarona and the transition into Mark juggling his apple at Chase Field
  • Didn’t love the transition out of the baseball music…
  • I think I need to stop using auto white balance
  • I need to get better at color correcting with a bit more intent (rather than fumbling around with trial & error)
  • I wish I had a faster lens or something like the FX3… it was rough taking some of latter shots at Binkley’s cause it got so dark
  • Liked labeling each dish
  • Love the audio transition out of Binkley’s and into hotel breakfast. I just learned how to do that lingering echo from a YouTube tutorial and just happened to use it here to test it out and I loved it.
  • I thought I had my Sony ECM-B1M mic set to record from both the front and the back, but I messed up, so my voice is muffled… oops
  • Sam is a good main character
  • I should take more traveling/setting shots so I can better storytell going from one place to another