Wedding & TMNT

I went to a coworker’s wedding with Kathy on Friday and it was one of the best weddings I have attended. Very light-hearted and fun with little/no stress in the air, haha. Here are some shots from it:

Yesterday, we went to see TMNT and it was pretty enjoyable. =) I won’t say much more than that because there are people like Viraj out there that will be pissed if I say that Michelangelo is a party dude. I was debating whether to get chicken strips or pizza and I had changed my mind to chicken strips, but Kathy said “how could you see TMNT and not get pizza?” I then realized she was so right and it was true, I must get pizza. The usual Raging Bull it was. =)

Shameless Plug

Bazaarvoice will be having an info session with one of our VPs and cofounder. It is tomorrow, March 22nd at 6-7PM in UTC 3.110.

Tonight, my elements group enjoyed wondrous hot pot at Olivia and Stephanie’s. Thank you very much for getting all the food, Stephanie. =) Then we played some fun board games…

That is all. =)

Let's see...

Well, apparently, there is an oil tanker that overturned around my new office location, so I’m stuck here for a while. I might as well make a post on my blog now. =)

Let’s see… a quick update… my MacBook Pro got stolen, but I am decently confident I will get money for it from Continental. Claims form is in the mail, I just need to wait and poke at them. Before my trip to New Orleans, I went to the new Apple store at The Domain and picked up a new black MacBook. I’m actually liking it, except I do miss the Pro’s keyboard and large screen. I’ve always been a bit partial to smaller laptops though, so it’s not so bad.

Kathy cut up my very large Apple shirt I got for free from the new store and made it a smaller size. It’s pretty sweet, actually, and fits rather nicely. Thank you. =) I wish I had known about this before when I got a lot of huge t-shirts from E3 way back when… =)

Yesterday, we had a mini-New-Orleans-crew “reunion” at Kerby Lane because Kevin C. was going back up north. It was pretty fun, I think we were there for a few hours from 9-12. It seems like the Vox Veniae site is in store for another overhaul, hopefully more successfully this time. We’ve got plans/ideas, so we’ll see how they turn out. =)

I got to play with my work’s new foosball table today. Ahhhh, it’s been a while, but I’m still not too shabby. My Freescale days are paying off! =)

“In the economy of mercy
I am a poor and begging man
In the currency of Grace
Is where my song begins
In the colors of Your goodness
In the scars that mark your skin
In the currency of Grace
Is where my song begins” - Switchfoot

New Orleans Day 4

Yesterday we finished gutting the house which had a few large things we still needed to get out and a lot of little things. We brought almost the whole group and worked on removing nails, the bathroom, and other house stuff. =) We somehow managed to get a pretty large pile out in front of the house despite thinking we got almost everything out the day before. Afterwards, we headed over to the lake that overflowed over the levees and flooded the area.

Anyways, pics as usual… more on flickr.

New Orleans Day 3

Today we went to gut a house. The house belonged to an old couple that moved to Florida when Katrina hit. They passed away a few months after and no one has touched their house since it got flooded. We came in to clear it out and tear out the walls, etc. The children of the couple requested we look for a few items while we cleaned it out and we were able to find some of them I believe.

It was pretty crazy seeing how damaged the house was. It looks like the water went about eight feet high. In the kitchen, the fridge was horizontal and was resting on a counter or sink or something. I’ve got a bunch of photos (a few below) on my flickr, and Enoch has a bunch as well. Enoch had a wide lens that lets you get an idea of the overall damage done to the room.

Oh, and it was also Evan’s birthday today, so we celebrated at a Gumbo place. Was tasty. =)

New Orleans Day 2

Today we went to clean up a city park that had gotten flooded and overrun by weeds. All the plants that used to be there were wiped out as well as the trails and everything. Apparently people used to run/bike the trails, which reminded me of Town Lake in Austin. We had to clear a bunch of the wild vegetation that grew (weeds, vines, etc.) and hack away at trees/branches that were on the ground.

Here’re some pics:

Harmon wins!




Marsha & Noah

For dinner, I had some lamb chops at a Lebanese place. It was awesome.

My meal... mmmmmmm!

The rest of the pics are on my flickr.


I’ve been watching the show Heroes since it started due to somewhat mild curiousity. I wouldn’t say I would be terribly upset if it started being horrible or all of the sudden got canceled, but it was pretty entertaining. I also wouldn’t say I was a huge fan of the series… until last episode. So to me, that last episode made being caught up on the series entirely worth it and if things are going to be like that from now on, man, I’m pumped. The last episode was by far the best of the series in my opinion and just made the show for me. I am now very much anticipating the rest of this season now instead of just watching it whenever. =)

spoiler warning

What’s particularly clever about the way things worked out is that the ‘bad guy’ had a redemption of sorts and you actually feel for him, but at the end, he’s still the bad guy because he won’t remember a thing! I really like how that worked.

So… another thing… can the Haitian block other’s powers? Maybe just other’s powers if their powers are mental-based? Or he can’t, he just does the memory stuff and someone else is blocking powers? It seemed to be the case that he blocked the mind-reading guy’s powers, the verbal-control girl’s powers, and Sylar’s powers. But he didn’t seem to do anything against invisible guy and Peter’s powers… and maybe not the nuclear guy.

Anyways, speaking of heroes… 300 was pretty hot. =)