I gotta present for ya!

Hehehe… ok, not a present, a problem… I just thought it’d be fun to quote Tanya there… Okay, here’s a chess problem I got from ChessBase. It seems simple, but dang… it’s hard! Here’s the problem in one sentence:

A game begins with 1.e4 and ends in the fifth move with knight takes rook mate.

Here’s an image of the starting position:

BTW, there’s a prize if you’re the first one to get it. See ChessBase for details… of course, by the time you see this, it probably has been figured out.



This game is sooo fun! It’s hilarious too! You have little kids that you control and throw snowballs at the other kids… it’ fun!!! =)

Download (1.03MB)

It’s fun! I’m playing it right now!…



I was inspired today.

Minix1F: you’re a dork =)

Wow, such power… such poetry… wow, I’m awed. Oh, look at the moon tomorrow (Wed.), it’ll be cool.



I found something FUNNY man… this is hilarious…!!! Right here! Man… that was great. ;)


Just thought...

…I’d share a little chat with you guys today. Here ya go:

PiFactor5: dang… I keep on looking at the Mx logo… it’s awesome =)
DAN32110: i know..
DAN32110: and whos idea was it..
DAN32110: hehehe..
PiFactor5: and who made it? =)
DAN32110: Ochs pretty smooth
DAN32110: hehe..
DAN32110: and who told wong
DAN32110: what font to use..
DAN32110: hehehe
PiFactor5: Wong’s got da skills too =)
DAN32110: yes he does
DAN32110: !!!

Ahh… I know it. =)



Another funny link about compuidiots (ahh.. I just thought of that myself… I’m sooo proud cough =)… right here. Also, I got lazy, so I didn’t convert this chat into HTML format, but you can download it here. It’s between Sarah and Minix… and everything about me in there is not true. Jerks. =)



I found a funny link today… it’s called: “Diary of an AOL Luser” heh… it’s pretty funny. =) The guy is like a Minix clone or something (j/k ;).. Right here. =)