Green Destiny

I was talking to Melissa about when I read the Lord of the Rings series which was back at UT when I took Linguistics of Tolkien’s Middle Earth with Mark. That brought up the subject of our awesome project where Mark and I took a MrTechHappy plot and translated it into Quenya, Tolkien’s elvish language. The translated comic is available here, but I would recommend just reading the English version then looking at our translation PDF which is pretty awesome. I like how we translated my name to mean “SnowFlower.”

There are quite a few good translations, I thought, but here are two humorous ones as a preview:


Early Birthday

This weekend, we celebrated Olivia’s birthday early. I also shipped off Melissa’s birthday present and then worked on a secret project! No, unfortunately, it is not… I still need to get to that.

Ultimate was good especially since the weather was still pretty nice, but I’m not fully recovered from the previous week, so I didn’t feel quite 100%. I finally played a little bit of Black Ops, which is pretty fun so far, but I haven’t gotten too far along into the single player yet.

I think that’s it? Oh, congrats to Ochs and Weishan. =)

Early Holiday

November is the first month of our new quarter, so BV flew in our international team for our All-Hands. Because they were here, we also had an early holiday party at the Austin Music Hall. I don’t have pics of the latter event, but Anne-Marie was there in photographer capacity so I’m sure she’ll post awesome photos shortly. =) Here are some of my shots from our All-Hands featuring new BV band, FEEDBACK:

BV All-Hands Nov10 007

BV All-Hands Nov10 011

BV All-Hands Nov10 019

BV All-Hands Nov10 023

BV All-Hands Nov10 028

BV All-Hands Nov10 032

Also, congrats to the culture award winners, especially the TS folk!

BV All-Hands Nov10 002

On Saturday, we played an early game of ultimate so that Simon could join us. We ended up playing for around four hours because the weather was so awesome and Jonney brought us Krispy Kreme donuts to fuel us through the game. It was pretty awesome, but now I’m sore. Luckily, my shins aren’t too bad this week so I guess they’re getting stronger. =p

Sunday was not all that eventful except I met up with the Tings and co for brunch at Tacodeli to see Alex again before he goes back to California. After that, went around eating/snacking with peeps then throwing frisbees around. I think my throwing technique could still use some work…


Oops, I just realized I didn’t make my obligatory weekend update post. Well…

  • We played ultimate again and it was splendid weather and had some new comers that were pretty good. Enjoyable! My shins feel a little sore now though… recovering…

  • Didn’t do much for Halloween… for work, my team was Office Space themed, but I forgot to bring my camera, so I don’t have photos. If I get unlazy, I may track down some shots other people took…

  • Watched UT lose to Baylor. Good. They deserved it. We should not be nervous our guy can’t catch the ball on kick-returns. I swear, I probably watched UT botch this at least once every game I’ve watched this season.

  • I finished A Game of Thrones, but I’m not sure I’ll continue with the series… we’ll see. So far, I’ve read about five or six books that start series but have not yet read the next yet. I guess I’m kind of noncommittal.