Meatcation Day 1

Meatcation has begun! We kicked off the week with some tasty lamb chops with asparagus. We also built a questionable structure to guard our flame against the water from the heavens.










As usual, Flickr has more Meatcation pics.

I also somehow managed to watch Star Trek three times last week (four if you count once with the commentary). Although, to be fair, I did fall asleep half of the last time through it (food coma). Here are some photos of my crazy sisters from Thanksgiving:




We plan on starting the smoker at ~3AM to cook brisket for Monday night. On to day 2!

Meatcation Prep

Andrew, Mark and I reserved our suckling pig for next week. Woo! We don’t have any idea how large it is or how much it will cost, but we kind of like going into it blind. =)

If anyone plans on dropping by on a day other than Saturday (where we will likely have plenty to go around), either:

  1. Bring your own meat for us to cook

  2. Let us know well in advance so we can buy enough and tell you how much money to bring

Now to obtain a smoker…

Fire Place Self-Portrait

I have had plans to take a self-portrait to put above my fire place for a while now. I took the first stab at the photo for it today, which turned out better than I was expecting!


I haven’t printed anything large with these types of Photoshop effects on it, so I’m not sure how that will go. As a test, I’m printing out a large 20x30 at Costco to see how it looks. If it looks good, I’ll be printing it on canvas. Woo!

Some notes for the future:

  • Having a camera assistance would be a plus (running back and forth with the camera shooting on a timer is a hassle).

  • I could use a mirror (running back and forth to bathroom to practice facial expressions is a hassle).

  • Use less mousse - in my inexperience with hair products, I used too much…

Fujifilm Instax

Brook & Frances gave me a Fujifilm Instax 200, which is like a wide-screen Polaroid. Now, witness the fruits of the first cartridge, starring Sexy Sammy!!


Oh, I will also add that we had an epic downing of XT in Ulduar where we were under-manned, under-geared, and under-experienced. It was awesome.

The monocle one

This weekend, I…

  • Played some more Ultimate

  • Went to Bill & Tonia’s baby shower with Ryan and Heather

  • Went shopping with Nancy for a bit and got a monocle!

  • Watched Mark play Shadow Complex for a really long time, passed out on the couch, woke up to random “yelling” from Andrew/Nancy/Viraj (playing Settlers), then finally went to sleep in my room after Mark/Ryan left the living room (at ~6AM?)

  • Went home for hot-pot

And… that’s all I can remember for now, but I feel like I’m forgetting stuff… =p

The 90's weekend one

Saturday started off slow and I went to run a few errands, then we played our now usual Saturday Ultimate game. I’m a bit more sore this time than usual, for some reason, but at least that means I actually gave myself a workout. =) Julie and Dean came up to join us (though Julie didn’t play) and we later went to Chancy’s to hang out where I passed out and Sam took me home later.

Sunday was not too eventful, but I found out via Al’s Facebook page that 94.7 was having their 90’s weekend, so I tuned in to them for a lot of the day including throughout the Cowboys game. My receiver apparently will still pass through the video output from the previous input if you switch to the radio tuner, which is pretty cool. Nothing like watching a Cowboys game to Kiss from a Rose (thank you, Seal).

I’ve also uploaded another video from the BV All-Hands:

BV Day

Friday was a good day. Started the day with our quarterly Bazaarvoice All-Hands at the Alamo Drafthouse (South Lamar, which we will soon have to move from because we’ve filled it up). Congratulations to all my team members who won awards! Here are some photos!

BVAllHandsNov09-006 (by owiber)

BVAllHandsNov09-016 (by owiber)

BVAllHandsNov09-051 (by owiber)

BVAllHandsNov09-050 (by owiber)

BVAllHandsNov09-090 (by owiber)

BVAllHandsNov09-092 (by owiber)

BVAllHandsNov09-097 (by owiber)

Then, we had our holiday party early (so we could celebrate with our international teams who flew in this week) at the Driskill.

BVHolidayParty09-004 (by owiber)
They had scallops, which I consider to be the bacon of the sea!

BVHolidayParty09-005 (by owiber)

BVHolidayParty09-007 (by owiber)

BVHolidayParty09-010 (by owiber)

Then, some of us closed the evening by chilling at Jim’s for a while.

BVHolidayParty09-014 (by owiber)

Ah… in the words of Steve Balmer…

“I have four words for you. I love this company, yes!!!”

I have a few video clips… I might get around to uploading them all eventually, but for now… here’s one:

“A singer in a smokey room
A smell of wine and cheap perfume
For a smile they can share the night
It goes on and on and on and on” -Journey