Part 2: Las Vegas

Second part to the Phoenix/Vegas trip:

Vlog notes/observations:

  • Tinkered with some voice-over processing here a bit more… does it sound better? I dunno haha…
  • Holy shaky cam… I need to gimbal and/or get better at camera holding haha
  • Viraj is also a good main character
  • Really noticed auto white balancing messing with me at Bazaar Meat… will manually set it from now on
  • That said, I think I got a bit better at color correcting here… getting more used to FCP’s tools
  • I need to pause a bit longer on my food shots
  • Mentioned this in the last one, but I liked when I had some traveling shots in between locations and missed them when I didn’t… will try to be more intentional about grabbing those in the future
  • The transition from Bardot to pool time seems abrupt… seems like something in between could have helped
  • Similar for the one out of Shang… 🤔🤔🤔
  • I wish I had more footage of the yelling and of Janae going up/down escalators lol
  • I like the lighting at Esther’s
  • I didn’t pause long enough on the spaghetti pomodoro shot so I kinda hacked it a bit by slowing it down and then adding some camera shake effects… not sure how noticeable it is, but reinforcing my mental note to pause a bit more on each dish
  • Voice-overs are feeling a little more comfortable
  • There were a lot of different LEDs at Ichiza and I couldn’t find any shutter speed that would eliminate the flickering so I just gave up on food shots there haha
  • Mozilla needs his own video