When I was a young warthog...

Last night, Sam, Mark and I scoured YouTube and watched old 80’s/90’s cartoon themes. I brought up the fact that all of the following were cartoons I used to watch.

Sam and Mark didn’t seem very surprised at this reveal. Granted, I also watched a lot of others (TMNT, Transformers, Voltron, etc.). After watching all of those intros, there’s an awful lot of pink going on… =D

All of this reminded me of a memory I have of when I was kid. My dad presented two packages of cartoon-branded candy to me. I don’t remember what one of them was, but the other was Jem branded. Guess which one I took? When my dad asked me if I was sure and shouldn’t I want the other one, I just shook my head and walked off with the Jem pack. That’s where my memory ends, but I’m sure Olivia was left with some MASK candy or something like that…


For my birthday, I gave myself a few days off of work (Friday, Monday and Tuesday). Chad also had Friday off, so we went on a man-date and saw:

A few minutes before the movie started, we were the only guys there. Some others showed up as the movie was starting, but we were the only ones without accompanying females. That said, I enjoyed the movie, so take away what you will from that. =p

On Saturday, I watched UT lose (good try though, guys) and just did some misc hanging out. Sunday, I had a birthday lunch with the family and then hung out with peeps again. Viraj and I finally got around to recording some post-Asia trip interviews for our trip documentary. I cut a few of the clips together last night and it’s turning out well. I still need quite a few snippets, but it’s a good start.