Mas Ultimate

Okay, this post is a bit late, but the rest of the weekend (besides Brook’s wedding) was made up of Ultimate Frisbee, where I sent Andrew to fetch Nancy (made her unhappy, so I hear) and Ryan and Al decided to join us! I didn’t take any action shots (too busy playing), but here are some photos of when we went to Sonic after the game:

Nancy chewing out the Sonic person:
SonicAfterFrisbee-001 (by owiber)

Nancy, very happy with herself after doing so:
SonicAfterFrisbee-002 (by owiber)

SonicAfterFrisbee-004 (by owiber)

Sam, sitting alone and drunk:
SonicAfterFrisbee-005 (by owiber)

SonicAfterFrisbee-008 (by owiber)

SonicAfterFrisbee-013 (by owiber)

SonicAfterFrisbee-015 (by owiber)

SonicAfterFrisbee-016 (by owiber)

After that, Andrew, Mark, Ryan and I went to Ruth’s Chris where I used up $125 worth of gift cards. I thought the steak was good, but not worth full price, I think, and probably wouldn’t go back again.

Life's a climb...

Friday night, I went to eat at Asia Cafe with the BV crew, which included two of Steph’s visiting friends. Then, we played some Rock Band and I messed with my studio lights:





Afterwards, we watched Hannah Montana: The Movie, and let me tell you… I can now die in peace.

I feel like I’m still in UK time as I get tired pretty early but I’m having an easier time waking up in the morning… so off to bed for me. I shall leave you with a quote from the awesome movie of tonight:

“Life’s a climb… but the view is great.”

The Red River one

Ah, the Red River Shootout. The UT/OU game is the only game I’ve ever been to, and the year I went, UT lost 12-0, so I have yet to see UT actually score in person. shrug =)

On the plus side, this weekend we watched the game at my place and made lots of yummy food (I only have picture of corn, but we made burgers and steak too):


I also got some remote controls for my Alien Bees, so I tested them out a bit with one light. Sam, graciously, decided to be my model (perhaps not too graceful for you):

UTOUWeekend-005 (by owiber)

UTOUWeekend-008 (by owiber)

Oh yeah, show me some leg, Sam:

UTOUWeekend-007 (by owiber)

Andrew, joined in, and thus there are now more homoerotic pictures of the pair:

UTOUWeekend-009 (by owiber)

UTOUWeekend-011 (by owiber)

UTOUWeekend-014 (by owiber)

Obligatory bad Nancy shot:

UTOUWeekend-017 (by owiber)

Obligatory bad Viraj shot:

UTOUWeekend-019 (by owiber)

Speaking of Viraj, he tried to pull some lame germophobic move and decided to waste a tissue by putting it under his cell phone on the ground.

UTOUWeekend-004 (by owiber)

Mark alerted me of this fact, and I would have none of it, so we had to fix it:

UTOUWeekend-015 (by owiber)

Rest of the photos are here. Enjoy!

The start of this one

Well, I’m still awake at nearly 7AM because I made the decision to sleep the entire flight back to Austin from London. It sure makes the time fly, but my sleep schedule is so whacked now.

The Heathrow airport pretty much has a small mall inside of it, so I was browsing books to find something to pass the time. After looking up and down the aisles not finding anything, I decided with much amusement to pick up Twilight and perhaps become smitten with this Edward character I keep hearing about. Well, like I mentioned earlier, I slept virtually the entire flight and did not read a word, so I have a British copy of some teenage-girl-crazed vampire novel if anyone wants it (I’m fairly sure the only difference is the currency on the back near the bar-code).

Ryan, somewhat surprisingly, instigated a bad movie watching experience by asking OMan, Andrew and I what bad movies we could watch tonight. We ended up getting through the latest installment in the oft-acclaimed Bring It On series - Bring It On Fight to the Finish. We’re glad to have Ryan in the club.

“Everyday - I try and I try and I try -
But everybody wants to put me down
They say I’m goin’ crazy
They say I got a lot of water in my brain
Got no common sense
I got nobody left to believe
Yeah - yeah yeah yeah

Oh Lord
Somebody - somebody
Can anybody find me somebody to love?” - Queen

Elevation Burgers

I am not a fan of the “organic burgers” craze especially when bacon becomes the scape-goat in the latest “hip eateries” that are “healthy burgers.” Tonight, I went to Elevation Burgers which seemed to overly emphasize healthy aspects of, let’s not kid anyone here, unhealthy food. Do I eat a burger to be healthy? No.

Okay, maybe I’m just upset they didn’t have bacon (P.Terry’s, here’s looking at you, too), but Elevation Burgers even emphasized that they had organic butter. People! It’s still freakin’ butter.

I made a new poster for EB that I think they can use in the future if they want to make people think they can lose weight and be healthy by eating burgers.

Elevation Burgers


An Indian man walked up to me as I was walking down a hallway at Heathrow and asked “Heathrow Express?” I wasn’t quite sure what exactly he was asking so I just said “I don’t know.” He then proclaimed “you don’t know anything!” and walked away. Haha, I thought that was a bit harsh.