Mas Ultimate

Okay, this post is a bit late, but the rest of the weekend (besides Brook’s wedding) was made up of Ultimate Frisbee, where I sent Andrew to fetch Nancy (made her unhappy, so I hear) and Ryan and Al decided to join us! I didn’t take any action shots (too busy playing), but here are some photos of when we went to Sonic after the game:

Nancy chewing out the Sonic person:
SonicAfterFrisbee-001 (by owiber)

Nancy, very happy with herself after doing so:
SonicAfterFrisbee-002 (by owiber)

SonicAfterFrisbee-004 (by owiber)

Sam, sitting alone and drunk:
SonicAfterFrisbee-005 (by owiber)

SonicAfterFrisbee-008 (by owiber)

SonicAfterFrisbee-013 (by owiber)

SonicAfterFrisbee-015 (by owiber)

SonicAfterFrisbee-016 (by owiber)

After that, Andrew, Mark, Ryan and I went to Ruth’s Chris where I used up $125 worth of gift cards. I thought the steak was good, but not worth full price, I think, and probably wouldn’t go back again.