I took my mom to Uchiko and got their 10 course meal thingy. It was quite tasty!

I also decided to get a new receiver because my Onkyo was kind of crapping out and having issues with certain inputs. Decided to get a Pioneer VSX-1020-K, which I just got today and installed. I’m now letting Star Trek play to “break it in” (I don’t think I need to do that). While installing the receiver, I discovered that some punk had unplugged my subwoofer and who knows how long that’s been that way. Hmph.

In other food related news, I booked a reservation at Alinea!

Oh, also, here are a lot of Olivers from the past year or so of blog posts (click for larger version).

Teetar Sauce Launched

I finally launched TeetarSauce.com, the site dedicated to Viraj Bhagat! I’ve owned the domain name for a while with changing intentions, but finally decided to put something together and get it live this weekend.

Teetar Sauce - Viraj Bhagat

My sleep schedule has been kind of messed up this past week initially due to jet-lag, but I didn’t do a whole lot to fix it. I’ve been falling asleep at around 5PM with the intention of waking up in an hour or two, but I keep on sleeping through my alarms and waking up in the 3AM-5AM range. However, with some help of some HoN play time, I managed to stay up until midnight last night so hopefully my schedule will have righted itself for this coming week.

It’s also my mom’s birthday today. Happy birthday, mother!

Hong Kong/Singapore

Yeah yeah yeah, I went to Hong Kong and Singapore. Here are some photos:

Hong Kong 007

Hong Kong 017

There was a Korean place in this alley that was awesome:

Hong Kong 024

Hong Kong 029

Hong Kong 045

Hong Kong 054

Hong Kong 061

Hong Kong 070

I like to think of this as SAW VII: PANDAMONIUM:

Hong Kong 118

Hong Kong 130

I picked my own fish to steam from this lot of live seafood:

Hong Kong 196

It was mighty yummy. =)

Hong Kong 192

Clown barf!

Singapore 004

This chili-crab in Singapore, OMan recommended, was also rather yummy.

Singapore 030

Lots more photos on flickr.

I also made a movie trailer starring Melissa!

I'm back!

Yes, I’m back in the US now. I’ll post more later but I just wanted to say happy 2011!

Here’s a wordle image of Owiber.com blog posts for 2010.

Am I going to get in trouble because “Sam” is mentioned more times than “Melissa?” Uh ohhhhhh…

You can see last year’s for reference.