1:40AM Post

Like the title suggests, I’m making (well, starting at least) this post at 1:40AM. Weee. I just watched a bunch of trailers on Apple’s site and now I’m in a mode of “deep contemplation.” The only thing is that I’m not sure what I’m contemplating about. =)

Hmm… anyways, saw the Jersey Girl trailer again and thought that that looks like another movie you’d go to on a date. Well, that lead me to Kevin Smith’s online diary on it and it seems like he thinks it’s the best movie he’s every made (although very different from his other movies). shrug Also found some movie that Stupid Blond Girl From 24 is in and… uhh… as VJ would put it, it looked pretty squirty. I love how that can mean both something really good and something really bad… and I’m not even going to clarify, so it’ll be left as vague as ever.

School’s not too bad yet, although I see the horrible onslaught of Chinese + multiple CS projects + tests + extracurricular activities + work eventually hammering at my head and state of “sanity.” So far, I’ve just got Chinese and Liquid website stuff… and that’s not too bad.

It’s always quiet in the room with just Sam and I. We both have headphones on and are on our computers. Samitucus or Samiticus, which spelling do you guys like better?

Uhhh… bathroom time.


Answering Machine

Nathan and I have just deduced that the answering machine in our room is busted. We need a new phone, this one is stupid. So anyways, if you’ve left a message, we never got it.

Oh yeah, Nathan and I changed the answering machine message… it’s hip and cool and hop… dude.


Liquid Website

Well, I’ve been working on the Liquid website a lot recently and I noticed that I have built up a lot of icons on my desktop. So… I’m uploading a pic just for fun. =) Uhh… the ochs.png is not liquid-related, but everything else is. That PNG is just funny. ;)


Moulin Rouge

Just got back watching Moulin Rouge for my first time with some guys over at Liquid. Pretty good movie… I liked the way they mixed the songs together… it was sad though. =( Although, the only thing about watching movies like this is that I feel like I should have watched them with a girlfriend. Oh well, I can console myself with the fact that Brook and Grant saw it together when it first came out. =)

No more Double Dash for Nancy for a while, I’m done!



Well, it’s 5AM right now and I should be sleeping soon. Origon (or however you spell his name =) is sleeping on my bed and he’s snoring. It’s kinda funny.

Was looking at trailers and noticed that Passion (now named The Passion of the Christ?) is coming out February 25th. I’m looking forward to seeing that.

Ummm… k, that’s it for now. I’m supposed to have a meeting with Karen about Liquid website “tomorrow” (later today), so I really should be sleeping. Night!


CMS Crazy

So, I spent most of the day going through tons of CMS’s (thanks to Minix for link). I think it’s driving me crazy… but I think I may try e107 or PostNuke for the Liquid site. Tried installing Tiki, but the Liquid server was being stupid and I couldn’t upload the whole thing… so maybe I’ll wait to try that one. I need to have a meeting with Karen sometime to finalize and/or redo the Liquid layout.

Hmm… also found out that I apparently changed my CHI506 class. I have no clue when I did that, cause I thought I was in the earlier class as well. Oh well… we’ll see what happens. =)


It's 5:21AM

… and I’m still up working on Liquid website and playing with various content management systems… uploading PostNuke right now.

Sleep?… maybe.


New Dog

So we got a new dog today and found out Orbit had a minor tumor on his tail that needs to be removed (which will be done by tomorrow morning I believe). I’ll get up pictures sometime… Oriana originally wanted to name the new dog Oink, but after seeing it… he doesn’t really look like an Oink, so the name’s in the air (although, it probably must start with the expected ‘O’ letter). I suggest Orc Muncher or Orc Crusher. I’m leaning towards Orc Muncher now… but the final decision’s up to Oriana. =)