Frozen Day

Well, since we were stuck inside all day, I got the opportunity to play with Linux a lot.

On our server, now you can see what I’ve been working on all day. Heh… Also, take special note of the server name. =)



I just read Nancy’s Xanga while in CS341, and I feel sorry for her and her pharmacy woes. So I made something in Linux GIMP with my touchpad for her.

The following is a flower in a medicine bottle for Nancy. And while I was at it, I threw in a Daredevil for Chad, a new hat for Mark, a ginseng root (haha! =) for Andrew, the C&C:Generals honorable medal for Brook (I don’t remember what it looked like, so my picture is just a yellow thing), and some smelly green fuming poop for Van. I didn’t know what to give Megan, so she gets a lolipop. Viraj gets a 10x10 pixel area of white space on the bottom right corner of the image.



Monkeys, Love, Heart, Flower

I haven’t posted anything in a while. I’m sitting in CS341 right now, Automata Theory. I should probably be listening to the professor, but I’m not. I took a Programming Languages test yesterday and I believe I did well on that… except for perhaps 1/2 or 1/3 of a problem. shrug If he takes off 12 (was it 12?) points for that again, here comes the BOOM.

K, goodbye.


Impressive, Snake

So after a week or two of downloading stuff at speeds comparable to that of a snail nailed to the pavement, my network connection here at IBM is setup fine and dandy. I downloaded the Java SDK at almost 900KB/sec. Ohhhhh…