Sometimes, I really enjoy watching really terrible movies. It’s even better if I can sucker friends to join me. I guess I’m kind of a masochistic troll like that. =p Last week, I saw both Red Dawn and Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 2. I went to see the first one, with Sam and he got the choice between the two, so he picked Red Dawn. It was pretty terrible.

Viraj, got left with the remaining option and we saw that this past weekend. We were the only pair of guys in the theater, which was quite hilarious. The fact that my suffering through the movie included Viraj suffering through the movie made it all awesome.

Here is Viraj with his shame:

The shame.

At the office, somehow I got added to the BV West office’s mailing list and I found out they were doing holiday decorations. That inspired my team (“code named” Firebird) to do our own in our little area. Here’s that:

We noticed the San Fran office was decorating for the holidays so we did too in our own way. I contributed the firebird-hand-turkey

I made the firebird-hand-turkey.

Andrew & Jen Wedding

We spent this weekend in Dallas celebrating Andrew & Jen’s marriage! Yay!

I didn’t take many photos, but here are a few I did take (or someone with my camera took, and I edited):

AJ Wedding 002

AJ Wedding 007

AJ Wedding 013

AJ Wedding 017

AJ Wedding 018

AJ Wedding 022

AJ Wedding 024

AJ Wedding 026

AJ Wedding 030

AJ Wedding 034

The rest here.

Also, here’s the video we made as a wedding gift. Enjoy!

Our family decided to have Thanksgiving at Olivia’s this year, so I’m sticking it out in Dallas for the week.

Catch up

The poor blog’s been neglected. I’ve been very busy!

Back when Sam and I roomed together in Jester, I had this half bottle of chocolate milk that I thought would be fun to seal up with tape and then leave on my shelf… well, that’s basically what happened until we moved out. It was probably there for a whole semester or two until we finally threw it away. It was quite solid by that time. Anyways, something reminded me of this on Facebook, so I went looking for a picture of it. I didn’t find that, but I thought I’d tell you about it. =p

I also went on a hunt for an old W2. I didn’t find that either, but I found an old yearbook, so I took a trip down memory lane and went through a few old things and took pictures of them.

Here’s my Senior Scrap Book and some select pages:

Senior Scrap Book 004

Senior Scrap Book 008

Senior Scrap Book 012

Senior Scrap Book 013

Senior Scrap Book 014

Like I mentioned earlier, I found an old yearbook and and noticed that Chad, Nancy and myself made a good concentration of photos since we were usually placed around the same general area. There’s not really another set of my friends that had this same clump. I took some pics going back to middle school, too.

Chad and I, 1997 (7th grade). The writing’s from Nancy, years later.

Chad, Oliver, 1997. Writing is by Nancy a number of years later. I think this is my favorite school photo of myself.

Chad and Nancy, 1999 (10th grade). They messed up my photo and put me somewhere else with a different name.

Chad, Nancy, 1999. They messed mine up and put me somewhere else.

Chad, Nancy, and I, 2000 (11th grade):

While looking for something else, I found my 2000 yearbook. It's me + Nancy + Chad!

Chad, Nancy, and I, 2001 (12th grade):

Chad, Nancy, Oliver, 2001

For fun, here’s one of Olivia and Doris (2001):

Doris, Olivia, 2001

A few weekends ago, Van came into town for his brother’s wedding. We decided to treat him to Uchi, and then decided that we couldn’t let him go back to Boston without having the brussel sprouts and fried milk from Uchiko, so we immediately went there afterwards. The waiter at Uchiko was quite pleased when we told him what we had done, haha.

Taking Van to Uchi!

For my birthday, my family got me a Nest at my request. It’s pretty!

Birthday present! Thanks, family!

Just stuffs

So here’s a video montage of my vacation. Probably filled with inside jokes and immature humor. I don’t expect anyone to watch or enjoy the whole thing, but here it is. =)

I’m getting some estimates done on some major renovations to my house. Haven’t decided if that’s the route I’m going to take, but it’s exciting to think about! I’ve been looking at a bunch of pictures on Houzz.com, which is pretty cool, though they have so many photos, it’s overwhelming sometimes.

I started watching West Wing and I’m well into the third season now. It’s been pretty enjoyable and some of the episodes have been surprisingly emotional (that is, triggered a strong emotional response from me).

I also had a crazy dream last night where I went to NYC/Vegas (it seemed to randomly change in my dream), and went to some hotel room with a girl. Somewhere in there I really had to take a crap, so I went into the bathroom and found an extremely complicated toilet. After that was done, it became apparent that this girl was supposed to kill me based on orders from some drug lord. Fortunately, she decided that she wouldn’t kill me and smuggled me out of the city instead. I woke up worrying about the safety of this girl since she just disobeyed some powerful bad guy, but that quickly faded into a chuckle as I realized I was dreaming.

That’s all you get for now. Tata!

Blog Moving

I’m moving over the blogs slowly to the RAX cloud, thanks to Chad. If you see this, it worked!

I went to see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter with Oriana and Kevin. It was ridiculous… I guess worth seeing once. =p The guy who played Abraham reminds me of a young Liam Neeson. This happened while planning to see the movie…

Uh huh. Life's like this.


Overdue Pics and Stuff

Ok, as promised, here are some of those puppy pics:

More Ally Bro 005

More Ally Bro 006

More Ally Bro 009

More Ally Bro 011

More Ally Bro 013

More Ally Bro 016

More Ally Bro 029

Also, these earrings that I ordered a while ago came in:

Chomp chomp earings! They're not for me, but they were so awesome I had to buy them. Hopefully'll make a good gift for a potential misses.

They’re NOT for me, but they were too awesome for me not to get. I’m guessing they’ll go to some lucky nerd girl at some point, haha.

This past week, I gave a demo to the entire company, which is quite a lot of people now. It thankfully went well, which was awesome because the demo crashed and burned at the dry-run we had, but I guess that’s why you have dry-runs. =) I’m generally not nervous when presenting on topics I’m knowledgeable about, but now that we’re a couple hundred people and presentations like this are more of a production, I was really feeling the pressure. Like I said, it went well though, so I’ve got nothing to complain about. =)

Rapid fire news!

  • I ordered a new MacBook Pro (retina, of course).

  • Sam decided to introduce me to new people. ;)

  • Mozilla’s been farting a lot today. Think I’m going to switch to another brand of food.

  • Viraj ditched us this weekend for his cousins, who I guess he’s contracted Sam’s issue because according to Andrew, he’s really flirty with them. =)

  • BV All-Hands and TXJS

Oh, and I guess I’ll steal this from Oriana:

Photo Update

Okay, I finally went through a few photos. Here’re some of Mozilla from the new food trailer park where the Buffet Palace burned down:

MozAndMomoDay 002

MozAndMomoDay 003

Here’s the Mother’s Day gift I made my mom:

MozAndMomoDay 006

BV treated me to a fancy dinner, so I took Oriana to Uchi this past weekend. Here are some of my favorite dishes:

UchiWithOriana 001

UchiWithOriana 005

UchiWithOriana 006

UchiWithOriana 013

UchiWithOriana 015

Here’s Oriana:

UchiWithOriana 008

UchiWithOriana 011

UchiWithOriana 012


Dog Park

I had planned on doing some work this past weekend (yeah, I know, I’m lame sometimes :-)), but after about an hour or two of coding, I took Mozilla to Tacodeli for lunch:

Chilling with Mozilla at tacodeli

Then, I went to the park near my house and got some shaved ice. When I was parking, I saw a guy in something that looked like a robe, which I thought was a bit weird cause it was fairly warm outside. I should have known something was up at this point, but I continued to get my shaved ice when I noticed that the dude in question and his group of friends had started LARPing. =(

@&$#%!! LARPing at my neighborhood park. Time to get out of here.

I left, then, but decided that the day was too nice to waste inside, so I gathered up Ally, Sydney, and their respective owners and headed to a dog park in Pflugerville, which sounds farther away than it was I think. Anyways, here are some pics:

Dog Park 001

Dog Park 002

Dog Park 006

Dog Park 007

Dog Park 008

Dog Park 014

Dog Park 019

Dog Park 021

Aww, dog buddies:

Dog Park 024

Jonney got Mozilla a huge rawhide bone a while back, here’s a pic of that:

He'll get it all eventually



Okay, it’s a bit late, but here are photos from Chicago. We’ll start off with some from Alinea, which was pretty ridiculous. I’d consider going again in a few years, definitely.

Chicago 013

Chicago 016

Chicago 018

This was my favorite:

Chicago 020

The dessert was pretty crazy. I don’t even know what was in it.

Chicago 044

It was pretty cold… I think when we got in it was somewhere in the lower teens.

Chicago 051

Chicago 052

We went to the John Hancock Observatory which was pretty cool. Nice view of the city.

Chicago 055

Chicago 056

Chicago 059

Chicago 061

I think this one is funny because it looks like an ad photo.

Chicago 062

The day after Alinea, we went to Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak and Stone Crab, which was pretty awesome. This is the same restaurant I went to in Las Vegas.

Chicago 069

After that, we had stuffed pizza and Chinese:

Chicago 071

Chicago 081

Chicago 082

Chicago 083

The next day, we had brunch and italian and visited The Bean:

Chicago 087

Chicago 088

Chicago 089

Chicago 096

Chicago 098

Chicago 099

Chicago 100

The last day… I don’t remember the place. It was good but not memorable. It did have wood ice-cream though.

Chicago 104

Chicago 106

Chicago 108

We also…

  • Saw Les Misérables, which was enjoyable.

  • Saw a small play that was put together with various real love/break-up letters. It was amusing.