Weekend of much sleeping in

I slept in a lot this weekend. It was awesome. Here’s the rundown:

  • Slept until around 3PM on both Saturday and Sunday

  • At at Madam Mam’s with Sam, TC, and Ryan (got dessert at Chez Zee afterwards)

  • Played lots of Starcraft 2 (got gold in all the challenges)

  • I got a new Google Voice number to use with Melissa… I got 5**-XKCD =)

  • I think I might have played some DotA, but I’m not sure… haha… no, I think I did

  • Skyped with Melissa after she moved into her dorm

Emo Punk Rock Oliver

My last self-portrait was so much fun, I had to do another set. This time I decided on an emo one. I originally wanted to do emo goth, but after a (too expensive) visit to Hot Topic, I ended up a bit more emo punk/rock than goth, so I just went with that. I had the “gear” for quite a while, but finally went and did the shoot with the help of Sam, Melissa, TC, and Oriana tonight (also thanks to Nancy for the hair straightener). Enjoy!

Emo Punk Rock Oliver 001

Emo Punk Rock Oliver 005

Emo Punk Rock Oliver 007

Emo Punk Rock Oliver 010

Emo Punk Rock Oliver 011

That was pretty amusing. =) I think Sam has a few setup shots on his camera he may post eventually. As usual, Flickr has the rest.

Wooooooo Wooooooo

The Expendables was pretty awesome, especially sitting with OMan. OMan gives the movie enjoyment+10. Here are some quick weekend highlights:

  • Watched Scott Pilgrim vs The World (pretty enjoyable)

  • Played ultimate (I think I hurt my ankle a little again…) then ate at Asia Cafe

  • Played DotA

  • Played Nertz - Melissa was on a team by herself and she still won (beating three other teams that had a pair of people, including me + Mark). Crazy girl… =)

  • My A/C broke =(… but it’s now fixed!

  • I moved my computer into the new case I found at Fry’s =)

The Expendables

After learning of the The Expendables movie that is releasing this week, the first thing I thought of was OMan. If you know OMan and do not know what The Expendables is, you must watch this and you will understand:

Notable quote:

“If testosterone could mate… with an explosion… this would be the offspring.”

So it was to much of my surprise that when we were purchasing tickets to the midnight showing, OMan said:

Haven't got it yet. 11:55pm is kind of late. I'm sure after watching a movie like that will get my adrenaline going also. I am waiting on a response from my brother to see if he wants to go so I can buy tickets for both of us.

But after a few more emails saying how it would be a crime not to see this movie with OMan…


Starcraft 2

This weekend kind of started with our BV quarterly all-hands on Thursday. This time we had it at the Austin Music Hall and I took a decent amount of pics (a bunch are of people singing to win ACL tickets):

BV All-Hands Aug10 002

BV All-Hands Aug10 014

BV All-Hands Aug10 061

BV All-Hands Aug10 085

BV All-Hands Aug10 123

More, as usual, are on flickr.

We also got Friday off, and I spent a lot of that time playing Starcraft 2. I finally finished the campaign today. It was enjoyable, but a bit on the easy side (I was playing on normal, though so I could speed through the plot). If I’m bored and have lots of free time, maybe I’ll try playing through on a harder setting.

A few other weekend events:

  • Heather’s birthday dinner at Daily Grill (I wasn’t impressed by food - probably won’t return)

  • Step Up 3D!!!!!

  • Went to Austin Stone and saw Oriana, who ninja hugged me in the parking lot

Last minute!

Woaah, I just realized I haven’t made a post for last week yet and this next weekend is fast approaching!

About the only thing I can remember is I played ultimate. Oh… and I helped Melissa move into her new apartment. I guess that’s about it. I should really write these things closer to when they happen. =P

This past week, we made many more failed attempts at Sindragosa (we’re giving up for now and resetting for next week to try again at a later point). I’ve also been meaning to make some more Samiticus posts, as I have material, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Maybe tomorrow. Earlier today (well, Thursday), BV just had our latest all-hands at the Austin Music Hall and I have some entertaining pics I’ll get up shortly (probably by the end of tomorrow).

With that said, on to photo editing! Tata!