Hey! Guess what? Oliver bought me a domain awhile ago and Cathy and I put it up yesterday. Well, Cathy put it up because I don’t know how. =) But anyway, check it out

Yeah, well, just hope it works… dot easy hates me =( Like, right now (8:20pm)… it’s not working > . <


Comment System

Well, since I have SO MANY news items now… it now takes the server a bit of time to update each time someone submits a comment…

Therefore, I’ve disabled the refresh thing for everytime a news item is commented upon (since it was refreshing the news everytime in order to have a current number of comments listed… ie: “Comments(x)”).

This basically means that you’ll have to check each comment page and can’t just look at the number anymore to see if it’s changed… I know it might be a little bit more of a hassle… but sorry. =) On the “bright side” everytime a new news posts is added, the numbers are updated. Alrighty…


My rant

I’m at my dorm right now… and its annoying me… my internet connection might as well be 2400 bps… AGH!! Most pages are just timing out… if I remove pictures I can actually load some things… but not much… This is how bad it is… I think I’m going to move back home, so I can have cable again…



Matmos is very incredible… as both an artist and a musician…
Check out his new CD… “A Chance To Cut Is A Chance To Cure”
It features some of the most bizzare samples to ever actually grace a recording… and some pretty neat beats… Whoo!


ELF Life Stinks....

Well… I just dragged my ass to the “Funny Papers” to check out the competition… and all I can say is… (insert subject line)!! Three Finger Salute is cool… but wtf is Elf Life? I went to read it but there was low par art and I think some sort of elf thingy… go figure. We can beat them… get to preaching the Techhappy gospel… oh and click… click…