Mark and I have purchased a sweet house and we moved in last weekend. We’ve still got a number of things on order that have yet to arrive, but it’s pretty great. It has two master bedrooms, so it was convenient to co-purchase. Here’s a video of when I took Mozilla to the house shortly after closing:

This is a Facebook album of pre-closing photos.

And here are some photos of the game room:

30 and stuff

Well October just kind of flew by and we’re nearing the end of November and my blog is severely neglected. Maybe next year I’ll try to do my once a week blog post thing again. I kept up with that fairly well back in, uh… 2011?

I’ve successfully moved into the new house and sold the old one. Yays! Antoinette was on the market for less than 24 hours and I got multiple bids and took one that was significantly over the asking price. It was sweet. So far I’m enjoying Mueller pretty well too. There’s a decent amount of construction going on around me, but once that’s done I expect it to be a lot better. It’s really awesome having an HEB super nearby. Also in a year or so, the town center area will be getting populated and that’s just two blocks-ish away.

Tomorrow, the family flies out to San Francisco to be with Olivia for Thanksgiving. It’ll be the first Wong Thanksgiving in SF since a very long time ago! TIME TO PUT YUMMIES IN MY TUMMY.

I will now leave you with a photo of Andrew and I from when I visited Dallas last month or something. People were taking pictures in front of this thing, so we joined the bandwagon. /shrug

I don't know man, people were taking pictures in front of this thing, so we joined the bandwagon.

Almost there!

Well, I guess I’m at a once a month cadence of blog posts. My builder is supposedly still on track for a September 30th closing date. cross fingers I’ll be picking up boxes and starting to pack this weekend. Wooo!

Mass Rel has “MR Nights” every Tuesday where a bunch of us (mostly devs, but not limited to) hang out late and we invite outsiders to join us at the office (or somewhere else nearby). A week ago, I had a bunch of my old BV team over and it was good to work late with them again, even if it wasn’t on the same stuff. =) That team meshed together in a way that will be hard to replicate and I’m starting to appreciate the experience more as I reflect on it. We’ve since scattered into the winds, so it’s likely to be a unique experience, though I’m optimistic to have other positive unique experiences in the future. =) That’s also not to knock on my time at MR thus far at all. I’m having a pretty good time there too.

I swear, it’s not me that picked the music:

I really want to make a duckling.js but I have no idea what to make it do so the minified version can be called ugly.duckling.js. Someone help me with ideas.

On the MTG front, I’m really looking forward to Theros. It seems pretty fun so far from the spoilers. I’ve been avoiding going to drafts of M14 because it’s so boring after having RTR block.

And… sibling hangout!

Sibling Hangout


Dang, it’s August already. There’s a lot of moving going on (or about to be). Unless delayed again, it’s looking like to move to Mueller at the end of September and Olivia and Garrick are going to San Francisco. I don’t mind another reason to go back to visit that city. =) We checked out the new Mueller HEB’s cafe their opening weekend and it was decent enough. I could see myself talking a walk there with Mozilla frequently, especially once the weather isn’t so scorching. Viraj and I have some tentative plans to get wasted there cause it’d be hilarious.

Ryan’s decided to take a gig at Mozilla, which is pretty sweet for him, but it’s unfortunate that my time working with him again will only be 1.5 months. =p Right before I started at MR, I took a trip to San Francisco to do some hanging out with recent ex-coworkers and just chill. In a rare occurrence, I decided not to take my DSLR and man did it make a difference walking around. I felt so much lighter! I don’t think this means I won’t bring it with me on future trips, but I’ve pics of SF enough and plan on coming back many times in the future, so I figured I’d be lazy. Here are some randoms from my iPhone though:

Coffee time:
Coffee time!

My parents used to own an ice cream shop around this area and I have multiple baby pics here. Always fun to return, and this time there was actually water running:
Why hello there, familiar face.

More childhood nostalgia:
Memory lane @livizilla

Love this stuff:
Ahh memories

Oriana recently got the dogs some cow hoof to chew on at Andrew’s suggestion and this resulted in the first time I’ve had to break up a Mozilla and Badger fight. I’m pretty sure Badger started it, but maybe I’m biased. =) They’re normally pretty good though:

This past Friday I went to Town Lake (yes, I’ll still call it that) with the MR crew for their “fantastic friday” and took Mozilla along with me. He spent a decent amount of time looking at some large turtles:
Mozilla checking out a big turtle


I’m moving to Mueller! I’m getting something that looks like this, but not as crazy (it’s the model home, so it’s got a bunch of the extra craziness in it). I’ll be pretty close to the new Mueller HEB and will have no more yard to maintain (yay!).

I’m a little worried I’ll regret not having a yard for the dogs to run around, but it will force me to walk them, which is probably a good thing. I’ll have to make some visits to the dog parks so Mozilla can get his sprinting on. Deciding whether I want to sell or rent my current home (leaning towards selling). Home switching is such a hassle! I’m pretty excited about my new location though.

In other news, I’m also psyched about this new Superman movie. It better not be a let down like the last one.

Just stuffs

So here’s a video montage of my vacation. Probably filled with inside jokes and immature humor. I don’t expect anyone to watch or enjoy the whole thing, but here it is. =)

I’m getting some estimates done on some major renovations to my house. Haven’t decided if that’s the route I’m going to take, but it’s exciting to think about! I’ve been looking at a bunch of pictures on, which is pretty cool, though they have so many photos, it’s overwhelming sometimes.

I started watching West Wing and I’m well into the third season now. It’s been pretty enjoyable and some of the episodes have been surprisingly emotional (that is, triggered a strong emotional response from me).

I also had a crazy dream last night where I went to NYC/Vegas (it seemed to randomly change in my dream), and went to some hotel room with a girl. Somewhere in there I really had to take a crap, so I went into the bathroom and found an extremely complicated toilet. After that was done, it became apparent that this girl was supposed to kill me based on orders from some drug lord. Fortunately, she decided that she wouldn’t kill me and smuggled me out of the city instead. I woke up worrying about the safety of this girl since she just disobeyed some powerful bad guy, but that quickly faded into a chuckle as I realized I was dreaming.

That’s all you get for now. Tata!

Hello webs!

Well hello again. I was going to try to do a weekly blog update like I did a year or so ago, but I have already failed. I definitely want to blog more than the pitiful amount I did last year though, so here goes! I suppose when my thoughts are too deep, they don’t make it on the blog due to its public nature… Take that however you want for what that meant for 2011.

Anyways, Mozilla is growing and he’s 18 pounds now! He was naughty one day while I was at work (teething, anxious, and/or both) and made two holes in my wall. The worst of which is pictured…

Mozilla's first major destructive act :(

So, now he has a crate that he will be spending his days in until at least he’s done teething. Other than that though he’s been a pretty good puppy and I really enjoy his personality. I will miss him when I go to Hawaii. =( Oh yes, I know, poor little Oliver has to go to Hawaii and will miss his dog. How unfortunate. =p

I’ve also been playing a heavier amount of Magic with the gang, reviving a near decade old hobby of mine. I ended up attending some tournaments and resurrecting my old DCI number, which was apparently amusing to the tournament organizers due to its small number of digits. Yeah, nerd cred! Wait…

I logged into my account and saw some of my records at tournaments as far back as 1999. I’m doing much better now than I did back then, but that’s probably more due to the fact that I played constructed then but didn’t have enough money to really have a “tier 1” competitive deck. That said, I haven’t done any constructed tournaments (just limited) recently. I’ve managed to at least recoupe my entry fees though and have gotten top 4 in the last three I’ve went to. Perhaps this is a new career option calling out to me… (joking). I spent some time today sorting through piles of cards that have accumulated on my tables…

Being a nerd and sorting through my magic cards :p

I also watched Smash tonight and am perfectly prepared to have Mark call me a fruit-bag again. As Oriana has mentioned, I apparently have quite a bit of overlap in my TV watching habits to a girl in her early 20’s. =D


Oh, I have also started to send my Instagram pics to flickr, which can be found here. I’m sure they’ll still be mostly Mozilla for the foreseeable future.

Wooooooo Wooooooo

The Expendables was pretty awesome, especially sitting with OMan. OMan gives the movie enjoyment+10. Here are some quick weekend highlights:

  • Watched Scott Pilgrim vs The World (pretty enjoyable)

  • Played ultimate (I think I hurt my ankle a little again…) then ate at Asia Cafe

  • Played DotA

  • Played Nertz - Melissa was on a team by herself and she still won (beating three other teams that had a pair of people, including me + Mark). Crazy girl… =)

  • My A/C broke =(… but it’s now fixed!

  • I moved my computer into the new case I found at Fry’s =)

Snow Day

Okay, this post is late, I know. I’m sure all of you know it snowed yesterday. Well, did you know what my backyard looked like? Probably not!


Now you do!

On snow day, BV closed the office early, so Ryan and I went home at around 1PM. Later, I took a break from working at home and went to play some frisbee in the snow. YES, SNOW FRISBEEEEEEEEEE. Needless to say, that was quite awesome and I froze my hands, battered my shins some more, but had a lot of fun. Now I just need it to pour… then we can have POURING RAIN FRISBEEEEEEEEEEEEE…

In other news, Sam apparently has no idea how a machine dishwasher works and decided to put a bunch of palmolive hand dishwashing liquid into the machine instead of using the huge box of Cascade I have under my sink (you know, where everyone puts their dishwasher detergent). The next day, I opened it and was greeted with a bunch of bubbles and unclean dishes.

I’ve also grown a liking to bothering my sisters online…