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Press Release: September 20, 2000

NINH Announces First CD

Austin’s very own Nine Inch Nose Hairs (not to be confused with Nine Inch Nails - NINH is much better) has announced their first ever CD album available now at The new album is called BUY ME, PLEASE! - ironic because it’s sure to sell billions world-wide.

Filled with many uplifting (Amazing Grace Our Way), inspirational (Song of the Jungle), emotional (Turtle Song), and just plain cool (Spish) songs, BUY ME, PLEASE! is sure to become a hit instantaneously. Order your copy today for $6 + Shipping & Handling!

P.S. - NINH website layout beta v0.2 is now up oh… and if you really wanna buy a CD and you’re reading this.. wait until Minix and I have copies of them and you can buy them directly from us.