Skim Milk

I wanted some milk to go with the banana bread Oriana made (she’s awesome! it’s good stuff =)… but the only thing in the fridge was skim milk!!! That’s MILK FLAVORED WATER! I hate that stuff. So… to spite the whole “no fat” thing, I poured myself a glass, took out some half and half and drenched that thing with nice creamy fat.




Anyone know where my TI-83 is?

On another note, Moto interns went to the Heart House in Austin today (it’s a free after-school/summer daycare type thing for poor families) and my group made a bunch of folder games, it was crazy. Our laminator machine liked to each up the plastic and jam, it was not fun getting it to work (although Tecuan was the one who mainly messed with it).

I have decided that as a result of Gentoo, I have become a bit more hardcore geek. Today, I found myself browsing two Gentoo IRC rooms, it was quite… nerdy. =)

I am anxious to get my new laptop… right after XP is done installing on that thing, it’s Gentoo time! Although, I haven’t decided if I want to boot up using Knoppix first to install Gentoo with… (if I did it that way, I could actually use the thing while Gentoo is installing…)



Well, I finally got something to code at Moto today, I was getting tired of reading documentation over and over again. However, I did learn a lot more about Gentoo, Python, and a few other things…

That’s about it for now, I think I might go sleep.