Oliver & Andrew Will Rulz0rz QED

Drewser2001: oliver, should we spend spring break inventing a time machine, that way we’ll always have enough time for everything
Owiber: yes, that is true
Owiber: but what if we don’t succeed?
Owiber: this is like living your life assuming you’ll create a time machine later
Owiber: lol
Drewser2001: yeah, exciting isn’t it
Drewser2001: living on the edge
Owiber: hmmm
Owiber: so I could kill you, and assume I’ll create a time machine in jail….
Drewser2001: yes, but that’s considering I haven’t created one in the future and stopped you from killing me
Owiber: oh… I see…
Owiber: but how would you do that if you were dead?
Owiber: what would have to happen is…
Owiber: I’d kill you, then later make a time machine to stop myself
Owiber: allowing you to make a time machine to go back to stop me also
Owiber: so both of us will be stopping me…
Owiber: that doesn’t bode too well for me killing you
Owiber: lol
Drewser2001: interesting, I think it’s better if we work together and rule the world as one
Owiber: yeah
Owiber: but I can still try to kill you since it wouldn’t do anything anyways
Owiber: lol
Drewser2001: but what if we fail with our time machine
Drewser2001: then’ll i just be dead, and you’ll be in jail forever
Owiber: but… that’s contradictory to our assumption!
Owiber: that really ruins everything then
Drewser2001: oh yeah, we must succeed then
Owiber: yeah
Drewser2001: ok, so you write the program and I’ll design the hardware
Owiber: think we need a physicist?
Drewser2001: for sure, that would important as we try to defy every natural law there is
Owiber: hmm…
Owiber: do you know a physicist?
Owiber: oh, I know what we can do
Owiber: assume we create a time machine and talk to Einstein about creating the time machine
Drewser2001: we can go to the future and find a better physicist that knows almost everything about time travel too
Owiber: oh, yeah
Drewser2001: wow, that’d make our lives easier
Owiber: we can create a time machine, then go into the future and steal the plans from ourselves
Owiber: perfect!
Drewser2001: yeah!!!
Owiber: and if we need money, we can go into the future and beg for change… once we get back, reverse inflation will make us rich
Drewser2001: we’re brilliant
Owiber: oh man, this is awesome
Drewser2001: that it is
Drewser2001: we can’t be stopped