I think the coming of Nancy’s birthday brings illness to my poor weary body (I was sick last year around this time too). My throat feels a bit weird and I feel I am on the verge of sickness. =( Sometimes, I smell this weird scent that seems like it is coming from within me… it is not pleasant. Woe is me! The wrath of Nancy is upon me! (must have been those pictures…)

Poor Nancy

Nancy is my favorite person to take pictures of. She makes a great model, cause I come up with BEAUTIFUL MASTERPIECES like:


lol… I think I’m going to get a beating for this one.

P.S. - Click for wallpaper size image.

Oh yeah, Black Friday pics uploaded to gallery.

Photography Notes

Note to self: Nancy looks good far away:


Note to self: Not so good close up:


Haha… just kiiiddddiiinng. Sorry Nancy, I had too, it was tooooo tempting. =) I have documented Viraj’s, Nancy’s, and I’s Black Friday with a few photographs, I’ll upload them to a gallery when I get back to the apartment.

V What?

Viraj: no donuts for her fatness
Oliver: ok
Viraj: no, i was asking?
Viraj: retard

Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

If anyone doesn’t have a place to go to for a Thanksgiving meal, give me a ring/IM/email/whatever. You’re welcome at the Wong place. Well, this one at least. Wait… yes. Yes, you are. Maybe.

Wong place… that sounds weird…

Thanksgiving Dinner

Sam and I went to our Element’s Thanksgiving potluck at Jen’s house. It was uber good, especially Chris who honored us with a whole turkey. Yay!

The rain was a bit unpleasant as I got the lower part of my pants pretty wet on the way from UTC to Union. Aiaaiaiaiaiaiaaiaaaa… I don’t know what else to say. Goodbye.

Oh wait, I know what I was going to talk about. I just finished Half-Life 2. The ending (plot-wise) is a bit disappointing (just like the original), but man… gameplay was pretty hot at the end (at least I thought so =). I last saved pretty close to the ending, so I think I just played 30 minutes tops until I beat it… that was a bit sad. The game as a whole seems pretty short, especially when compared to the first. Oh well… it’s Metroid Prime 2 time. =)



I got suckered into Homedawg cause people told me there were non-dance events there (namely, an eating contest Mark was planning on doing). LIES AND DECEPTION! Anyways, enjoy the pics. =)

Rain Rain...

The rain inhibits my abilities to take pictures. Actually, yesterday wasn’t bad, I just wasn’t sure if the rain weather was gone or not in the morning.

I think the class I’m closest to a B in at the moment is Linguistics (hmmm… might even have a B in there at the moment). The rest are looking pretty good I think.

I can’t wait until Christmas! I’m done December 8th. =) This semester has been so incredibly nice to me… next semester probably won’t be as kind. =(

Anyone know what I should study for GOV310L CLEP?