LOTS of Pics

More pics! Here’s a sneak peak at some stuff you’d enjoy… heh…

[Got tired of seeing Nancy’s butt]

Yeah… so… just go look… even if that pic above scares you. =)



I now have a lazy directory in pics now cause I’m too lazy to make a link to new pic folders on the pics page. So… you should find two folders in there right now… enjoy. =)

…and the ones on there right now have the wrong title… (still 08/02 LAN party or something like that… but I’m too lazy to fix it. =)


More on LAN Party Pics

It has come to my attention that Photoshop is really cool. Even cooler than I thought it was. And ACDSee helps too. Anyways, now you can enjoy captions on a few of the pics… and I changed the way the page looks… again. Here’s the link again:

LAN Party



I would like to “publish” the playlist that Andrew, Mark and I made and listened to (virtually EVERY song) on Saturday morning of the LAN party. I believe Brook woke up to Zipi Dee Doo Da… or something that had something about a happy or sunny day…

Oh, and this is the little perl script I wrote to parse the WinAmp file to extract all the names of the songs… if you’re interested. ;) Gosh… I love Perl so much… it’s so easy… and useful…

Just click on the comments to view the list (all 101 songs =).


LAN Party

We’re at the LAN party, here’s what Andrew has to say:

Well I’m here destroying Ochs at pretty much everything. He’s horrible at all these computer games, especially counter strike. Sean and I are teaching him “TOTAL DOMINATION.” Oliver is a little girl who can’t play counterstrike worth anything. Scooter and Oliver wasted their money on the g-boxes because it doesn’t cover up their shabby skills. Maybe skills isn’t the right word, perhaps flaws. They are gonna be knifed all night long. To quote a wise old sage: “Can you smell what the Rock is cooking.” To quote a stupid young sage (Oliver): “I’m a little, frail girly woman who can’t play counterstrike worth a crap.”

They’re just jealous. =)Here’s Van (Scooter):
I shall kill you all.


The passing of the 1337ness!

Ok.. I haven’t posted on here in a while.. I dun think anyone really has, but I gotta do one thing real quick. I have to pass on the 1337 torch. I think this is going to be a tradition. Kinda like the margret thing was for a while. I call it… the passing of the 1337 computer torch… and so.. without further adieu:

Ochs passes 1337 computer torch to Van and Wong after 3 months reign

Congrats guyz!(I wanna have it back someday t00!hehe Like maybe in 4 years when I am done with iBook and motorcycle payments!)