Today's odd

Yep, today (11/19/1999) is odd. And the last odd day of your life too. All the numbers in today’s date are odd. Kewl, eh? =) The next time this happens won’t be until 1/1/3111… so unless you live a couple thousand years… well, ya know. =)

And no, I didn’t just all of the sudden realize this… I’m not THAT much of a loser. =) Carlson sent it to me. =)



Wow, over 650 hits to my humble site. I’m so proud. (Heh, not really… considering that gets a couple thousand everyday… heh… cough Of course I’m not bragging… cough =). Hey, just a bit over 300 more and I’ll hit 1000! Woohoo! I think that about 200-300+ of the hits to this site are from me. Sigh =)

Oh, Ochs, Minix… what’s up with Mercury X? It’s down right now… are you guys ever going to do anything with it? =)


Stuff! =)

I’ve added the 15th page to the Pics! section and added another article (The Huck Paradox) to the Articles page. Here’s an excerpt:

There is one question that plagues us all. “What if Huck Finn was running at the speed of light and spit?” You know you ask it everyday. It is the one question that all of us seek the answer to. What is the answer?

Enjoy! Click here to read the rest. =)