Having a public blog is problematic sometimes. Things happen that sometimes are a bit too touchy or weird to talk about publicly (or maybe it just makes too big of a deal out of something small by being so public?) so even if I have something to write about, I don’t because… yeah. Haha. Sometimes I make private blog entries, but that seems kinda scary sometimes. It’s like writing a private letter and hiding it under a rock in the playground… what if something happens and someone finds it? =p

Maybe that’s why people used to keep diaries (or for the more “manly,” journals)… of course, what if someone stole that?… Hmmm, maybe I should be like Bale in The Prestige and write everything with a cipher… ;)

Ebonics iz almost like uh cipher. I wonder how it iz going ta translate dis here sentence! don’t make me shank ya!

Day in SA

So Van, Viraj and I went down to San Antonio to visit Nancy. Today we spent most of the day lounging around and making food… we made a pie for Avani and then went to her birthday dinner. Unfortunately, Viraj did not manage to get his mack on and score an eligible Indian hottie, but maybe next time, bud.

I’m gonna go smash my face into a pillow now, adios!

San Antonio

To San Antonio!

Yesterday, I got some memory foam for my bed and it makes it a lot more comfy. I think I need to air it out a bit though cause it smells like fresh styrofoam or something, haha. No more springs stabbing my back! It’s funny because I never used to mind my bed until Nancy sat on it once and mentioned how horrible it was. Then I realized. It was. =(

Haha… anyways, I think the memory foam has rectified that problem and now it is comfy… but still not as comfy as that couch downstairs…


I’ve been slacking on the blogging a bit. =)

So I have found out that once I’ve reached a consistent sleeping/eating schedule and that’s thrown off, my body feels all weird and out of wack. Kinda like I can’t tell when/if I’m hungry or tired or whatever anymore and I feel like I’m half-hungry/half-tired all the time, haha. Anyways, guess that’s why I should keep to my “schedule” I suppose. =p

This week I caught up on Heroes, Lost, and Battlestar Galactica, all of which have been highly enjoyable. Recommended. =) I also have not been running in an attempt to let my shin heal up, so we’ll see how that goes. I would like to run the Race for the Cure on the 5th…

I’ve posted these before… like two years ago, but whatever, it’s fun…

“Sometimes I wonder
If I’ll ever find her
The one that God’s chosen for me
And what if I find her,
But she doesn’t like me,
I guess that disproves destiny
But I should know better,
The sea is much wetter
With plenty of fishes to see
(For you and me)
And I know my Father
Has scoped out the water
And picked out a fishy for me” - Philmore

Batteries and Stuff

The rechargeable batteries I’ve used in my flash are kinda dead I think. They don’t hold a charge very well. Anyone done any research on good batteries and chargers? I want something good.

MacBook Pros were apparently updated today… most notably, Core 2 Duos now as well as FW800 in the 15”… the rest is rather minimal I think… nothing unexpected, nor tempting. I’ll probably wait a revision or two before I upgrade.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to go visit some random city by myself with nothing planned really except to explore the city with just my camera. I’ve played with the idea of buying a random cheap plane ticket off DING! or something for a weekend and just disappear for a while. Thinking about it, I don’t think I’ve ever gone anywhere by myself… I’ve always either had friends or family, which probably makes things less boring, but it seems like there’s some fun in exploring by yourself too…

“here’s another song with the four
oldest chords in history
I guess I lost all ambition turning left on Missouri
I could have made it better
but the feelings just aren’t there
my heart is cold and black
but I just don’t think I care
so here’s to me saying “fare-thee-well”
and when you hear this song I hope it hurts like hell

enamel is stretched too thin
you’re beautiful, but not beneath your skin
(enamel, like insect shells
so hollow, like your wedding bells.)” - Brave Saint Saturn


I haven’t done one of these in a while, but I’ve got nothing else to talk about so here goes… from Kathy…

Do you ever dream in black-and-white? I’m sure I have

Look away from the computer. Now what was the first word that came to mind? Heroes

Was that word written on something that you saw? No, Chad and I are watching it on TV

Average shower time? I dunno… 10-15 minutes? Depends on if you count the time I’m in the bathroom or just actually in the shower.

Last time you took a bubble bath? No idea, years ago…

Favorite thing to wear when it’s cold? sweaters… leather jacket

Last movie you saw? Umm… Flags of our Fathers? Or Departed… I think Departed.. yeah, Departed.

Do you enjoy scary movies? Not really

Do you consider yourself to be a thrill-seeker? Hmmm… yeah, probably

Do you enjoy dressing up for a formal occasion? Yeah, most of the time

Have you ever spent $50 or more on a shirt or a pair of pants? Yeah, from Express… around $50.

The most you’ve ever paid for a pair of shoes? around $100

If someone saw you at Wal-Mart, in what department would you most likely be seen? electronics… or buying more socks cause they always disappear

You’re stuck in traffic, and it seems like you’re the only person who knows how to drive. Does music help? Yes

Are you an emotional person? Yeah

Which emotion, if any, do you have the hardest time supressing? Hmmm… embarassment

Which emotion do you wish you could experience more? I like Kathy’s answer… tranquillity

If you were to die today, what would people remember most about you? I don’t know… easy going? generally happy?

Do you know for sure that you would go to Heaven? most of the time… sometimes I doubt.

Why or why not? Because I have issues and sometimes I doubt.

You plan a day to just go out and have fun. What would you do on that day? Hang out with friends… or spend it alone doing random adventurous things with my camera

Choose: huh?

If you could have any job in the world, what would you pick? I’d work for flickr.

Name something that makes you happy: Friends

Other people whose answers to this survey you’d like to read: umm… nah. lol

Hairy Man 5k

Yay! Finished the Hairy Man 5k this morning with Kathy and Van. I did better than I was expecting and I think I could have even done it a bit faster, especially if I didn’t have my shin to worry about. I was a bit worried on how I would handle the run since I took over a week off of running. I think the what’s-it-ma-called I got to wrap around my calf/shin helped a lot… and the weather was awesome for running.

Anyways, don’t think I banged up my shin too badly… it was nice to run again. =)

A coworker asked me if I knew of any haunted haystack rides, and I had no idea what they were when he asked. On the way out of the Hairy Man 5k, I saw a sign for one though. What is it? Is it just you ride on the back of a truck with haystacks, go down a trail and “haunted” stuff attack you?