Hehe, well I’m in my room right now and I noticed that my WLAN is picking up a network…. hmmmm…

Haha, turns out, I can still connect to the WAP I setup in Andrew’s room from up here =)

Let’s watch Andrew’s bandwidth GOOoOOooOOoOOoOoOoOOO… =D



Does anyone know what I did with my Palm PDA I got for free from Dell last year?

I forget if I loaned it out to someone or if I’ve just plain lost it… shrug… but I’d like to play around with it again, so if you have any clues as to where it lies, please contact me. =)



So I just noticed that the counter reset a while back… I’ll probably just remove it… shrug

Homework… too… much… M427k… ughh… pressure… must…. ahh… ughhh… oooOoOooooOoOohhh…


Not to be a...

…party pooper, but I just looked at Assignment 2 in CS307, and it’s quite a bit more difficult than I thought…

In fact, it seems a bit harsh of Mike to give this to you guys as the second assignment. Now, if you were allowed to use other Java classes like ArrayList or some Collection types… I could see this being alright… but as it stands… definately a good few hours at least I’d say.

I started it about 30 minutes ago and reached a point where I got too lazy and stopped, there are quite a few concepts being used and definately a lot of thought required…

So… basically, my point is to get started… ASAP. =)


IT'S.... FRIDAY!!!!

The week is done! w00t =)

Now… gotta take a shower and turn in CS336 homework, then weekend time! =)

So, I think I’m gonna get a new wireless AP cause the one I have right now is not the bomb… probably will get a “cheap” $80ish d-link one… unless if anyone else has any suggestions or negative comments regarding the d-link…

I think Van got that one though and it’s been working well?

I’ve been surprised by my abilities to wake up on time these past few weeks… I even get up before my alarm clock goes off sometimes! Perhaps it’s the re-aquirement of a regular sleep pattern… =)


Another Week

…is almost over. AAaaaahhh… I’m looking forward to going to Liquid again, anyone wanna join me (besides the people who were planning on going anyways =)?

I actually answered people’s questions in lab hours today too… alright, just… one more day til the weekend…