Seattle Shiba Life 1

Trying out a “silent” video and Mozilla makes for a good subject.


  • First time taking the gimbal out. It’s really annoying to carry around, but the shots are great.
  • Shots are actually across a few days… debated if I should keep on building up more shots to tell a bit more of a story, but I decided to just stop here and go with it. Fairly satisfied with this short version.
  • It’s difficult filming Mozilla while holding a leash
  • Wish the day had a bit more clouds. The sun was really harsh, but I think the shots turned out okay
  • I added some light/flare effects to give some of the shots a bit more character and counteract the harshness. Fairly happy with those shots
  • I shoulda petted Mozilla closer to the camera
  • Maybe next time I’ll get a bit more travel/transit shots