For a variety of reasons, I’m pretty drained right now, so I am looking forward to passing out shortly.

I want to give a shout out to my Bazaarvoice peeps for a hard-worked EOQ. I feel like we’re set to do well in the following quarters and I look forward to growing even more (particularly in tech services). DSB, BV!

Also, this is another reason why I <3 my company:

In other news, I’m headed to Seattle next week for work. I think this’ll be my first time to Seattle, so we’ll see how it goes. I’ve heard generally good things. =)

“Oh oh it’s magic
When I’m with you (Oh-o, it’s magic)
Oh oh it’s magic, just a little magic (gotta be magic)
You know it’s true
I got a hold on you” - The Cars

Hoodie Pic

I took the picture at the end of this post while I was at work listening to people talk. The hoodie makes me feel like I’m secret. Safe. Haha, just kidding, but I felt like I had to write a blog post so I could use it, so… here it is.

Apparently Apple released their iPad, which I’ve known was being worked on for quite some time from a previous employer. Took long enough! I’m mostly disappointed there’s no multitasking. A little anti-climactic as it’s basically just a big iPod Touch that you can add 3G to for an extra $130. I’d categorize it as “neat toy” but not “must have gadget.” At least, not yet.

My little sister told me to get the Scramble 2 iPhone/iPod app, which I did. I have discovered that I am not very good at it and she mocks me with her high score that is significantly higher than mine.

“Tell me lies
Tell me sweet, little lies
(Tell me lies, tell me, tell me lies)
Oh, no, no you can’t disguise
(You can’t disguise, no you can’t disguise)
Tell me lies
Tell me sweet little lies” - Fleetwood Mac

The Vox one

On Sunday, Sam and I went with Ochs to Vox where we’ve both been long absent from. He put it well in his Facebook post when he said it felt like home. It was good to go again. =)

Ate lunch at Sunflower, went home and half-napped, half-chatted with BV crew (Ryan, Steph, Heather) and Sam until the Saints/Vikings game. Watched the game, then headed to Pluckers to meet up with Al and Scotty.

That about sums up Sunday. Time to finish off January!

“Josie’s on a vacation far away
Come around and talk it over
So many things that I wanna say
You know I like my girls a little bit older

I just wanna use your love tonight
I don’t wanna lose your love tonight” - The Outfield


Well, ultimate on Saturday was spoiled a bit by crazy wind, but we had a lot of people show up, which was pretty cool. Can’t wait until we have those numbers with a calmer day. That’ll be awesome.

After frisbee, food, and a nap, I went to Al’s birthday bash with Ryan. It was a themed party, if you can’t tell from the photos…

AlBday-003 (by owiber)

AlBday-010 (by owiber)

AlBday-012 (by owiber)

AlBday-027 (by owiber)

There were also some really old LIFE magazines there…

AlBday-030 (by owiber)

The rest are here.

I finally got around to going through the few photos I had from Oriana’s bday dinner:

OrianaBday-001 (by owiber)

OrianaBday-005 (by owiber)

More here

“I know you’ve heard it all before -
so I don’t say it anymore
I just stand by and let you fight your secret war.
And though I used to wonder why -
I used to cry till I was dry.
Still sometimes I get a strange pain inside

Oh, Joey, if you’re hurting so am I.” - Concrete Blonde


I watched Twilight yesterday with Heather, Ryan, and Steph… which was, ya know… Twilight. But, on the bright side, it allowed me to really connect with my little sister

owiber: go to sleep little face!
owiaba: go to sleep, old man!
owiber: you have to go learn multiplication tomorrow!
owiaba: no!
owiaba: too soon!
owiber: http://www.capaper.com/product/6410
owiaba: SIGH
owiaba: one pound of RAINBOW
owiber: ~sparkle~
owiber: maybe I will dump it on your bed
owiaba: no
owiaba: I will kill you
owiber: :-D
owiber: but you’ll ~sparkle~ for the rest of your life
owiaba: noooooo
owiber: just like Edward
owiaba: yayz.

My little sister loves me so much more now!

The Mommy one

Okay, this is a day late, but I’ll try to remember what I did over the weekend… I’ve already forgotten what happened, but I remember Friday night ending at Jim’s and my hands turned purple and I was shaking. Something like that…

On Saturday, I woke up to the loud one calling me to tell me to make up for daughter inadequacies and to get my mom flowers, a card, and balloons. I went ahead and did so after the customary ultimate frisbee game, but not before I popped a balloon, got the card envelope sucked into the checkout conveyer belt, and lost the “how to take care of these flowers” card that game with the orchids I got. shrug Happy birthday, mommy!

We had a decent amount of people show for ultimate including Van (woo!) and Victor. Turned out to be a good 4v5 game.

On Sunday, my shins were feeling it pretty bad. I think I gave myself shin splints the week before and I didn’t really let off of them during this past weekend, so yeah… I’m gonna have to take it a bit easier next weekend. Went over to Chancy’s to watch the Cowboys lose (I don’t really care about them, so no biggie for me =p), then went back to the park with some peeps to practice throwing the frisbee around. Ended the day with some korean food and bumming around online. I think. =)

I also found out today that I will be visiting Seattle for two days in February. I guess that’s alright…


I feel like this week has been hectic. Some days you feel always busy and then you think back on what you did and you have no idea… I think that was a lot of this week. Tomorrow’s Friday, though!

After a bit of conversation with coworkers, I picked up lamely-named Scrabble rip-off, Words with Friends and have been playing it somewhat heavily the entire week. If you happen to pick it up, you can guess what my username is. ;) I’ve only finished a few games, including some that make Brook look like he’s a glutton for punishment.

I think I’ve got a bit of shin splint action going on, but I’m looking forward to ultimate this weekend anyways. We should have a pretty decent crew out this time, I’m hoping.

Here’s to the weekend!

The 18 one

Lalala… nothing crazy this weekend. Ultimate as usual on Saturday, which was a bit colder than previous weekends, but the sun was out and after running around for a while, I was fine in a t-shirt. We managed to get a pretty decent game going, I think.

I moved my tauntaun to the living room to watch Ghost World with Ryan and Steph, but I promptly passed out as I discovered it was really good at keeping me warm. I feel like I spent a good deal of Friday/Saturday passed out within the tauntaun.

Sunday, I went with family to Fleming’s and ate a lot in celebration of Oriana’s 18th birthday. I also ordered some beef jerky from Amazon. =p

Hook 'em

Well, it was pretty unfortunate that McCoy had to sit out basically the entire game. Horns did a heck of a job staying in it though with a freshman QB. I feel like Texas made plays happen but just couldn’t overcome having such an inexperienced QB (which, IMO, played as well as we could have expected given the circumstances)… and pretty much gave Alabama the majority of their points due to mistakes. What can ya do. They were able to capitalize on the mistakes when Texas couldn’t with our 2nd string QB. Congrats, Alabama. Texas special teams did some pretty nice stuff too.

On the plus side, with Gilbert playing like he did, seems like he could do much better with more training/experience. Too bad Shipley won’t be around next year.

Hook ‘em!