Graduation and Stuff


Took some pictures of Oriana before she went off to her 8th grade dance, then jetted down to UT for Van’s (and Yeeland’s, turns out!) graduation. Unfortunately, didn’t get to take pictures of Van with this family cause they didn’t get there in time (before the ceremony), but I got some so-so shots Van and Yeeland walking across stage from afar (this is when a telephoto lens would come in handy… I should have borrowed Van’s 70-200).

Congrats to all those who are graduating! =)

What Have I Done?!

These Cursed Hands!!

Spent too too much. =) I will concede that this purchase in near wholly unnecessary, but oh is this Canon 5D nice… although I think my camera skills in no way warrant this type of gear (maybe eventually? =).

So I’m done spending for a long time to come (except for maybe a tripod and Aperture/Lightroom)… time to take shot in FF! I think I’ll only get a tripod if Jon wants his back… I mean, wait… I don’t have his tripod… Kathy has it… yeaah….. that’s it. =)

Brains Fried

I think my brains have been fried. As I was walking to my car, the song Don’t Dream It’s Over pop into my head (particularly the “hey now, hey now” part)… which is kinda strange because I’m not particularly fond of the song… and then as I turned on my car, that exact part was playing on the radio. As I stared at my dash a bit shocked, I reached the only logical conclusion possible: there are aliens, one was my teacher, he fried my brains, and now I can pick up radio in my head. Yup. That is all.

Vox Veniae

VV Tattoo!

We launched the Vox Veniae blog today which should be documenting the steps of our new church plant. Looking forward to it. =) Bookmark it and keep up with it. =)

In other news, congratulations to ViraJ and his Toshiba offer… he’ll be leaving us for Houston, but at least it’s not Iowa or something like that. =)

Tomorrow, it’s dunk time! Congrats to Megan, Nancy, and Van! =)