Creature Tech

Yesterday, Chad, Oriana and I went over to Dragon’s Lair (Round Rock) while waiting for Nathan to get off work. Chad bought a comic called Creature Tech which is pretty cool. The art and story and stuff is by Doug Tennapel who did Earthworm Jim and some FIF CD art… among other stuff. Yeah, anyways… the art and story is pretty nifty so you guys should ask Chad to read it if you’re interested. Unless if he’s paranoid you’ll ruin it… which is likely. =P Heh, j/k.

I bought issue #2, #3, and #4 of Superman/Batman comics which seem pretty entertaining as well. Ordered #1 off of eBay as a bunch of places are selling out of it.

Umm.. yeah… so finally, LAN party at Nathan’s tonight. GO GO GO!


l337 5p34k!!

The pics to the left now link to the larger versions… so you can “zoom” in on the small images. Once it starts repeating, it stops linking though… there are only 13 pics, then it starts tiling.



Well, I finally did it. I updated OliverWEB, including a new layout! (as you can probably tell =).


K, well, hopefully I’ll update more from now on too… LAN party at Nathan’s NYE/NY, don’t forget!