Project Grad

Well, I’m lazy, so I’m just going to copy what I said to Nancy:
Owiber: Andrew, Van and I went to proj grad for a little bit
Owiber: after a long time of trying to get in…
WithLuv01: i idn’t know ya’ll were allowed to go
WithLuv01: LOL
WithLuv01: how did ya’ll get in?
Owiber: but we took Van against his will so he hates us now
Owiber: umm….
Owiber: well the first time we went, we asked them if we could say hi to teachers
Owiber: they eventually sent us away…
Owiber: then I called Olivia and she talked to Mr.Daniels and he came out to get us, except where we were going to meet… they made us leave before he got there
WithLuv01: argh
WithLuv01: complicated
Owiber: so.. we just went to the volunteer parking area and just told those guys that the other guys told us to park there =)
Owiber: then we just walked into the volunteer sign-in area and Andrew knew a tennis guy there, so they let us in
Owiber: but then Ms.Parker saw us and tried to kick us out but we got rescued by Balmer and Daniels
WithLuv01: LOL
WithLuv01: hahaha
WithLuv01: ya’ll really wanted in
Owiber: yeah
Owiber: we wanted to say hi to Ms.Hengst, but she never showed up in the time we were tehre
Owiber: there*



Ugh… ACC + work is so tiring, even if the work itself isn’t tough… I got home tonight and man… I feel drained. I even fell asleep in class for a while (which did give me a temporary boost).

So I just realized that I really should make another Friends page this summer… but I have so many other websites to do, I’ll be lucky if I can get to that. Hmm… well, if I get inspired, it’ll happen… otherwise… =/



If Andrew would give me a way to contact him back rather than leave a voice mail with no way to get back to him, that would be preferable. =) My work phone is not operational yet.. but I think it will be: 996-4806… should be working Monday or Tuesday. Email: [email protected].

My cell may or may not work.


Vim (Vi too?)

Know how sometimes vim gets pesky and doesn’t let you use the backspace to delete characters past where you entered insert mode? Here’s the fix:

set backspace=indent,eol,start

There ya go! ;)

Edit: Only works for vim, haven’t looked for the fix to vi and probably won’t cause I don’t care. =)



It’s funny how I check OliverWEB to see if perhaps some updates were made when I know I haven’t done anything. =)

I’ve been feeling a bit drained creativity-wise on things to talk about (err… as you can tell, for a while)… I’m not quite sure what happened. I should like to have creative and fun things to talk about… hmmm…

However, I haven’t been too drained graphics-design wise, which is thankful. Now, I’ve got four websites in my “website queue” after finally finishing the Youthwave redesign. The liquid-missions, liquid (although Karen is handling most of the graphical design on that one), lighthouse, and John Mao’s parents’ restaurant. Hmmm… perhaps I’m going to overload myself. =/ An intern coordinater person at work asked me if I could make a website for her baby too… I’m not quite sure if I can handle all that…

On to work… well, first day flew by rather fast… some girls talked to Van and I about how they didn’t recognize us at all even though they thought they knew everyone who interned last summer. We realized that between Van, Tecuan, and I, we really did isolate ourselves from the rest of the interns… heh… oh well. =)

I actually was a bit productive today, got most of my accounts setup (except still need to find mail server name so I don’t have to use web interface) and learned quite a bit of python. I believe my project this year is to help make a thin layer between one API to another… and perhaps make the thin layer go from C/C++ to Python. I’m not entirely sure on the details, but it sounds interesting.

Well, that’s all for today. Hope Andrew had a nice time on his first day at Sun too. I know Van got stuck back into his old dept. Hehe… poor Van. ;)



We sent them out yesterday… so they may or may not beat us back. ;) We may try to upload some teaser pics too… if we manage to survive the 56k (connected at 19.2k). =/

-Andrew, Mark, Oliver, and Viraj from Panama City, FL.



Also, I would like to note that we are keeping track of what we call the “Viraj Vulgarity Level” on this trip. For our first day, we recorded the number of times he said “cock”… it was about 70+.

We’ll get back to you with a more accurate figure in a full trip report. =)



We’re in Orlando right now (specifically, a Starbucks using the T-Mobile HotSpot wireless stuff).

We got 10PM Matrix Reloaded tickets too =D. And the theater doesn’t look like it’s going to be too crowded either. (none of the shows were sold out)

Anyhow, we’ll have pics and stories to tell eventually… including an encounter with a cop. ;)