Weekend 2

Some things that I didn’t get to mention… haha

Congrats, sister, on graduating. =)

Also, I mentioned my new phone, but I forgot to mention the number… 217 3327… you can guess the area code. ;)


I got a new phone. Decided to not go with the iPhone, at least the first gen of it. I’ve wrestled with paying for a data plan on my phone and the only way I could justify it is if I didn’t have to pay my regular internet bill too, which means I need sufficient speeds on the phone. The iPhone, not being 3G, will likely not cut it, so I went for something else. Also, since it’s usually good practice to avoid first gen Apple releases, and the iPhone is even “more” first gen then say, a new laptop generation, it’s probably better I don’t get tempted. =)

I’ve played around with the 3G data transfers on the Blackjack and it’s pretty good. Actually uploads faster than the cable modem here at the apartment (downloads are slower though, but still decent). I’ll play with this a bit more and make the call whether I can go without an internet connection at my next place.

In other news, big congrats to Angell and Eunice on their engagement. I was privileged to have the honor of shooting the proposal, and it was a lot of fun. Thanks for giving the opportunity, Angell. =) Here are pics, now that I have permission to post them… =) Angell had a fake ring he “accidently” threw off the side of the pedestrian bridge at Town Lake. That should explain at least some of Eunice’s expressions. =)

Enoch, before hiding:

Lots of Pictures

I have a ton of pictures from this past weekend… lots of Bazaarvoice party pictures, wedding pics, and baptism pics. I spent quite a while editing all of them!





















Oye… and the rest are on my flickr.

One funny thing was that when I went to the wedding (which was in Houston), I realized I left my shoes in Austin… so I had my dressy shirt/pants, but silly flip-flops. Yays!

Elements Field Day + Bazaarvoice

I posted these pics on flickr a while ago, but forgot to post here. Thanks goes to Cindy and Jason for making it happen!

Some shots:

Today, my company had an all-hands meeting at Alamo Drafthouse Village. This is my second all-hands, and it was just as invigorating as the last one. Bazaarvoice is doing really really well and it’s really cool to be a part of such a successful company despite the long hours. The people I work with are pretty awesome and it’s great to get a feel of the other departments and hear their stories.

We finished the day off by watching Spider-Man 3 (which I wish was much better), and tomorrow we hit the lake and finale at Oasis! W00t!